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[CAND301] Stefano Candiano m. ?
. [CAND311] Doge Pietro I of Venice m. ?
. . [CAND321] Doge Pietro II of Venice m. ?
. . . [CAND331] Doge Pietro III Candiano of Venice m. ?
. . . . [CAND341] Doge Pietro IV Candiano of Venice m2. [PROT342] Waldrada di Spoleto
. . . . . [CAND352] Artopergue/Waldrada di Venezia m. [ESTE351] Count Alberto-Azzo I of Milan

[CAND301] Stefano Candiano.

[CAND311] Pietro I Candiano (born c.842) was briefly DOGE OF THE REPUBLIC OF VENICE (April to September 887). He was killed in a sea battle in the Adriatic against Dalmatian pirates (18th September 887).

  Venice, St. Mark's campanile
(14 September 2003)

[CAND321] Pietro II Candiano (born c.872) was DOGE OF THE REPUBLIC OF VENICE (932-39).

[CAND331] Pietro III Candiano (born 902) was DOGE OF THE REPUBLIC OF VENICE (942-59, defeated by his son Pietro IV who spared his life).

[CAND341] Pietro IV Candiano (born c.932, eldest son of Pietro III), DOGE OF THE REPUBLIC OF VENICE (959-76), married 1. Johanna of Venice, later divorced (for political reasons); then 2. (966) [PROT342] Waldrada (born c.930, see PROVENCE KINGDOM (TURIN LINE), bringing with her as dowry large possessions in Ferrara, Friuli and Treviso). He was murdered August 976, along with his youngest son by Waldrada. His eldest son by his 1st wife, and his 2nd wife Waldrada escaped, and the succeeding Doge allowed Waldrada to keep her inheritance to avoid drawing the Emperor's attention to recent events.

[CAND352] Artopergue/Waldrada/Adela (born c.975, daughter of Pietro IV) married [EST351] Count Albert-Azzo I (see ESTE MARCH COUNTY).