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[CORX301] Hugh FitzCorbet de Corbeau.

[CORX311] Roger de Corbeau, married Giovanna le Corbet (born c.1001, daughter of Don Michele dei Carneghi of Florence).

[CORX321] Sir [? Vicomte] Hugh Corbeau of Caux (born c.1020, Pays de de Caux, Normandy), married Isabella Corbet. He died at Pays Dauge, Calvados, Normandy (1081) .

[CORX331] Sir Robert Corbet (born c.1042, Pays de Caux, Normandy, Burgess of Caen, married Adele d'Alcester *** afterwards becoming Lord of Alcester ***. Robert died c.1121.

Robert held 21 manors in Shropshire as sub-tenant of [TMON331] Earl Roger of Shrewsbury. These were Aston in Oswestry, Brompton, Choulton, Crudgington, Eyton in Baschurch, Longden, Marche part, Marrington, Middleton in Chirbury, Oaks, Onslow, Petton, Priestweston, Ratlingthope, Rorrington part, Stanwardine in the Field, Walford, Wigmore (Lower and Upper), Womerton, Woodcote, Woolstaston.  [But he did not hold Alcaston (Shrops).]

[CORX349] Sybilla ([born c.1070], elder daughter & coheir of Robert Corbet of Longden), Lady of Alcaston *** & Pontesbury, was mistress to [NORK349] King Henry I (see NORMAN KINGS); and afterwards married [HERZ451] Herbert FitzHerbert of Winchester, Lord Chamberlain to King Stephen, (see HERBERT).

[*** Note that Alcaston and Pontesbury are both in Shropshire. Certain references may have corrupted Alcaston [Salop] to read Alcester (Warks) or vice versa.]


 [CORB361] Roger I FitzCorbet (born c.1050, 2nd son of [CORX321] Hugh Corbeau), 1st Baron of Caus (Salop). He married --- (heiress of Talsey).

Roger held 22 manors in Shropshire as sub-tenant of [TMON331] Earl Roger of Shrewsbury. These were Acton Burnell, Cardeston, Cherrington, Eyton in Alberbury, Farley, Great Hanwood, Loton, Marche part, Montford, Pontesbury, Preston Montford, Rorrington part, Stapleton, Wattlesborough, Welbatch, Wentnor, Westbury, Whitton, Winsley, Wollaston, Worthen and Yockleton.   [But he did not hold Alcaston (Shrops).] He also held two manors of the earl in Wales, at Bausley and Leighton.

Roger died in Caus Castle, Salop, (c.1134), and Caus Castle was then taken by Pagan FitzJohn, Sheriff and Governor of Shropshire (who had succeeded Richard de Belmeis in that post). Caus Castle was destroyed by the Welsh forces fighting against Pagan FitzJohn, though later rebuilt.

[CORB372] Simon Corbet (3rd son of Roger) was living 1155.

[CORB382] Simon Corbet (born c.1116, 2nd son of Simon), Lord of Pontesbury, married [BRAP382] Margaret de Brampton (daughter of Sir Brian de Brampton), see BRAMPTON.

[CORZ371] William of Wattlesborough (born in Caus Castle, c.1089, eldest son of Roger), 2nd Baron of Caus.

[CORZ381] Simon Corbet (born at Wattlesborough, Salop, c. 1116), 3rd Baron of Caus & Wattlesborough. He died at Pontesbury (c.1146).

[CORB391] Robert Corbet (born c.1151, eldest son of Simon, though not clear which Simon, i.e. [CORB381] or his first-cousin [CORB382]) married [PANT392] Emma Pantulf (daughter of Ivo, see PANTULF). He was 6th Baron of Caus (1176-1222), and died 1222.

 [CORB401] Thomas Corbet (born c.1184, eldest son of Robert) married [VALL402] Isabel de Valletot (her second marriage, daughter of Roger de Valletort/Valle Torta/Vautort of Trematon, see VALLETORT FEUDAL BARONY). Thomas held Worthen, Yokelthul [Yockleton], Wontenowr [Wentnor], Munsterleg [possibly present-day Munslow], Caus [2 miles south-west of Westbury] and Aston [Estune in the Domesday Survey, indexed as Munslow Aston in the modern Domesday Book translation, and shown on the present-day Ordnance Survey map as Aston Munslow] (all in Salop). He became 7th Baron of Caus (1222-74), and died c. September 1274.

 [CORB412] Alice (daughter & coheir of Thomas) married [STAF481] Robert de Stafford (see STAFFORD BARONY).