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[CHAS291] Thierri I the treasurer was Count of Autun.

[CHAF301] Fredlon (son of Thierri I) married Bertha.

[CHAF312] Senegunde d'Autun (daughter of Fredlon) married [TOUL261] Fulcoald, Count of Rouergue, see TOULOUSE COUNTY).

[CHAS301] Thierri II (son Thierri I), Count of Chalons, married [PRO5313] --- (daughter of Count Buwine of Metz, see PROVENCE KINGDOM). He was killed in battle c.880-81.

[CHAS311] Manasses I (assumed to be son of Thierri), Count of Dijon.

[CHAS321] Manasses II le vieux (believed to be son of Manasses,  elsewhere "believed to be son of Thierri", and elsewhere said to be a grandson of Buwin) was Seigneur de Vergy, and later Count of Chalons, Auxois, Beaune and Dijon. He married [PRO5324] Ermengarde de Provence (daughter of King Boson V, see PROVENCE KINGDOM, [and thus granddaughter of Buwin]). He died c.925.

[VERG291] Rudolph de Vergy (son of Manasses) is described under VERGY).

[CHAS332] Ermengarde (daughter of Manasses) married [MACN291] Count Letaud II (see MACON COUNTY).

[CHAS331] Gilbert, Count of Autun, Count of Chalons-sur-Saone (942-56), married [JUST332] Ermengarde (daughter of Hugh the black, see BURGUNDY (HOUSE OF AUTUN) DUKEDOM). He became DUKE OF BURGUNDY (952-56), and died at Langres April 956.

[CHAS349] Adelaide de Troyes (daughter of Gilbert & Ermengarde) married 1. Count Robert (born 910, son of Herbert II & Adela, VERMANDOIS COUNTY); then 2. [CHAL301] Count Lambert (see SECOND HOUSE below); then 3. [ANJO309] Count Geoffrey I (see ANJOU COUNTY).


[CHAL291] Robert de Chalons, Vicomte d'Auton & d'Engeltrude.

[CHAL301] Lambert de Chalons, Count of Chalons-sur-Saone (956-78), married [CHAS349] Adelaide de Vergy (widow, daughter of DUKE GILBERT, see under FIRST HOUSE above). He died 978, and afterwards Adelaide married 3. [ANJO309] Count Geoffrey I (see ANJOU COUNTY).

[CHAL313] Elizabeth (daughter of Lambert) married [VERG311] Count Gerard (see VERGY).

[CHAL312] Mathilde (daughter of Lambert), Dame de Donzy, married 1. (998) DUKE HEINRICH OF BURGUNDY, died c.1002; then 2. [SEMU311] Geoffroi I (see BURGUNDY (HOUSE OF SEMUR) DUKEDOM).

[CHAL311] Hugh I de Chalons (born c.972, son of Lambert), Count of Chalons-sur-Saone, Beaune & Autun, Bishop of Auxerre (999). He died 4th November 1039.

[CHAL322] Ermentrude (born 1019, daughter of Hugh) married [SEMU321] Count Thibaut (see BURGUNDY (HOUSE OF SEMUR) DUKEDOM).


[THIE381] Guy, Seigneur de Thiers, married Riclendis.

[THIE391] William de Thiers (son of Guy).

[THIE401] William de Thiers (son of William) married [SEMU342] Adelais de Chalons (see BURGUNDY (HOUSE OF SEMUR) DUKEDOM).

[THIE411] Guy (born 1050, son of William), Count of Chalons (1078-1113).

[THIE421] William I (born 1075, son of Guy), Count of Chalons (1113-66).

[THIE431] William II de Chalons (born 1120, son of William), Count of Chalons (1166-1174). He died 1174.

[THIE441] William III (son of William), Count of Chalons (1174-1202), married (c.1173) [SWAB362] Beatrix de Swabia (born c.1156, daughter of EMPEROR FREDERICK OF THE ROMANS, see SWABIA DUKEDOM). Beatrix died 1181, and William died 3rd January 1202.

In some versions, William II and William III are the same person, who lived 1120-1202.

[THIE452] Beatrix (born 1174, daughter of William), Countess of Chalons (1203-27), married 1. (1186) [AUXO451] Count Etienne III (see AUXONNE COUNTY), divorced (c.1197-1200); then 2. (1200) William de Barres.