Revised 25/01/2018


Charles Edward CLIFFE                  Harriet LEE
Born 1845                              Born 14 Dec 1865
  at Hunslet                             at Calverley Bridge

                                       Baptised 15 Apr 1866
                                         at Bingley, All Saints

Parents George/Jane                    Parents Joseph/Susannah

Married 26 Apr 1913 at Calverley, St Wilfrid
Bridge Builder of 7 Adas Place, St. George (widower); father : model maker;
bride Weaver of 6 Chapel Street; father : carrier

Witnesses Halliday LEE            Harriet's sister
          Maud CLIFFE             -

Died 1915 (age 69)                     Died 1923 (age 57)
  at Bramley Reg. Dist.                  at Bramley Reg. Dist.

Remarks :
Charles Edward previously married 1. (25 Dec 1867, at Hunslet, St Jude) Catherine Marshall
  Charles, age 22, forgeman of Accommodation Road, son of George, model maker;
  Sarah, age 25, of Pearson Street, daughter of William, waste dealer;
  Witnessed by Benjamin & Hannah Ingham
1851 Census  2318-33  Hunslet, 4 Accommodation Road
George         Cliff  H   M 25 model maker                  Hunslet
Jane           Cliff  W   M 24                              LAN [Colne]
Charles E      CLIFF  S   -  5 scholar                      Hunslet
Arthur         Cliff  S   -  5m                             Hunslet
1861 Census  3365-45  Hunslet, Ross Terrace
George         Cliff  H   M 35 model maker for iron foundry Leeds
Jane           Cliff  W   M 34                              Rochdale LAN *
Charles Edwd   CLIFF  S   - 15 forge boy                    Leeds
Arthur         Cliff  S   - 10 errand boy                   Leeds
Hannah         Cliff  D   -  8 scholar                      Leeds
Henry          Cliff  S   -  6 scholar                      Blackburn LAN
Mary Elizth    Cliff  D   -  4 scholar                      Leeds
Benjamin       Cliff  S   -  1                              Leeds
    * Jane shown born at Hunslet in 1871 Census]
Charles Edward Cliff = Catherine Marshall
1871 Census  4505-119  Farsley, New Street
Charles E      CLIFFE H   M 25 boiler maker                 Hunslet
Catherine      Cliffe W   M 28 dressmaker                   Farsley
Emily          Cliffe D   - 10m                             Farsley
1881 Census  4481-16  Farsley, Whittakers Buildings
Charles E      CLIFFE H   M 35 boiler maker                 Hunslet
Catherine      Cliffe W   M 38                              Headingley
Emily          Cliffe D   - 10                              Farsley
1881 Census  4489-133  Hunslet, 30 Addingham Street
Jane           Cliff  H   W 54 housekeeper (dom)            Colne LAN
Arthur         Cliff  S   U 31 cartman                      Hunslet
Benjn          Cliff  S   U 21 boiler maker                 Hunslet
Mary E         Todd   D   M 24 worsted weaver               Hunslet
Saml           Todd   S/L M 25 stoker at factory            Seacroft
Florence       Cliff  D   - 16 woollen weaver               Hunslet
1891 Census  3673-78  Stanningley (Bramley), 7 Adas Place 
Charles E      CLIFFE H   M 45 boiler maker                 Hunslet
Catherine      Cliffe W   M 48                              Headingley
Emily          Cliffe D   S 20 worsted mender Farsley
1901 Census  4206-33  Stanningley (Bramley), 7 Adas Place
Charles Edwd   CLIFF  H   M 55 retired boiler maker         Hunslet
Catherine      Cliff  W   M 58                              Headingley
1911 Census           Stanningley (Bramley), 7 Adas Place
Charles Edward CLIFF  H   W 65 late boiler maker            Hunslet
[He wrote Cliff rather than Cliffe on the census form]