Revised 25/01/2018


Charles REVELL                         Annie Sarah YARROW
Born 1851                              Born 1856
  at Ashwell (HRT)                       at Guilden Morden (CAM)

Parents William/Ann                    Parents Thomas/Mary Ann

Married 5 Feb 1884 at Guilden Morden, St Mary
Groom (widower)
(Charles' father : groom; bride's father : labourer)

Witnesses Elizabeth YARROW
          Thomas YARROW

Remarks :
Charles previously married 1. Sarah Ann Holder

Addresses :
1886    Guilden Morden (groom)

Emily Amelia     c 8/3/85 Guilden Morden
Charles          c 28/11/86 Guilden Morden


1861 Census  813-5  Guilden Morden (CAM), High Street
John        Jackson H  M 44 ag lab            Gt Morden
Ann         Jackson W  M 43 plaiter           G Morden
Ann         YARROW  Lr -  4                   G Morden
1871 Census  1588  Cambridge, 4 Kings Lane
Noah        Castle  H  M 41 general gardener  Baldock HRT
Hannah A    Castle  W  M 38 dressmaker        Bishops Stortford HRT
Annie S     YARROW  Bd U 14 app to dressmaker Guilden Morden
Daniel      Thomas  Bd W 73 painter retired   Cambridge
1881 Census  1411-144  Guilden Morden, Church Road
Thomas      Yarrow  H  W 52 ag lab            Guilden Morden
Annie       YARROW  D  U 23 dress maker       G Morden

1861 and 1871 Censuses Charles Revell not found
1881 Census  1412-4  Guilden Morden, Trap Road
Mary        Holder  H  W 59 beer retailer     SFK
Charles     Holder  S  - 17 coprolite digger  Cambridge
Charles     REAVAIL Bd W 30 groom             Ashwell HRT
Annie Sarah REAVAIL D  -  7                   Morden
1891 onwards not found