Revised 25/01/2018


Charles WHITBY                         Rose YARROW
Born 1859                              Born 1870
  at East Hatley (CAM)                   at Guilden Morden (CAM)

Bapt 10 May 1859
  at East Hatley, St Dennis

Parents William/Susannah               Parents Joseph/Maria

Married 1 Dec 1894 at East Hatley, St Dennis
Labourer of East Hatley; bride of Wrestlingworth
(both fathers : labourers)

Witnesses Hannah Elizabeth YARROW    possibly Rose's sister
          James APTHORPE             -

Died 1943 (age 85)                     Died 1938 (age 68)
  at East Hatley                         at East Hatley

Bu'd 16 Jan 1943                       Buried 3 Mar 1938
  at East Hatley, St Dennis              at East Hatley, St Dennis


1861 Census  1017-21  East Hatley (CAM)
William         Whitby H  M 31 ag lab              East Hatley
Susan           Whitby W  M 24                     Hatley St George
Charles         WHITBY S  -  2                     East Hatley
1871 Census  1577-15  East Hatley
William         Whitby H  M 41 ag lab              East Hatley
Susanna         Whitby W  M 34                     Hatley St George
Charles         WHITBY S  - 11 ag lab              East Hatley
Henry           Whitby S  -  8 ag lab              East Hatley
Sarah Ann Cath. Whitby D  -  5                     East Hatley
1881 Census  1658-92  East Hatley, Hatley Hall Farm Cottages
William         Whitby H  M 51 ag lab              East Hatley
Susannah        Whitby W  M 44                     St George Hatley BDF
Charles         WHITBY S  U 21 ag lab              East Hatley
Henery          Whitby S  U 18 ag lab              East Hatley
Louisa Mary     Whitby D  -  9 scholar             East Hatley
James           Whitby S  -  2                     East Hatley
1891 Census  1277-26  East Hatley
William         Whitby H  W 64 ag Lab              East Hatley
Charles         WHITBY S  S 37 ag lab              East Hatley
Louisa          Whitby D  S 18                     East Hatley
James           Whitby S  S 12 ag lab              East Hatley
Emily           Whitby D  -  9 scholar             East Hatley
1901 Census  1521-35  East Hatley, Front Road
Charles         WHITBY H  M 40 lab working on road East Hatley
Rose            WHITBY W  M 32                     Guilden Morden 
Olive Y         Whitby D  S  5                     Wrestlingworth BDF
Winifred R      Whitby D  S  4                     Wrestlingworth
Frank           Whitby S  S  2                     East Hatley
Mary V          Whitby D  S  2m                    East Hatley
William         Whitby Fr W 74 pauper              East Hatley
1911 Census         No. 5 East Hatley
Charles         WHITBY H M 50 roadman              East Hatley
Rose            WHITBY W M 41                      Guilden Morden
Frank           Whitby S - 12 school               East Hatley
Mary            Whitby D - 10 school               East Hatley
Edna            Whitby D -  8                      East Hatley
Clifford        Whitby S -  5                      East Hatley
Archie          Whitby S -  2                      East Hatley