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(town in Indre-et-Loire)

[BOUZ311] Seigneur Bouchard II de l'Isle Bouchard m. ?
. [BOUZ321] Seigneur Hugh de l'Isle Bauchard m.
. . [BOUZ331] Dame Agnes del'Isle Bouchard m. [BOUC331] Archimbaud de l'Isle Bouchard

[BOUZ311] Bouchard II, Seigneur de l'Isle Bouchard et de Riviere, married Hermengarde de Villaines.

[BOUZ321] Hugh, Seigneur de l'Isle Bouchard.

[BOUZ332] Agnes (born 1023, daughter of Hugh), Dame de l'Isle Bouchard, married [BOUC331] Archimbaud (see L'ISLE BOUCHARD (2) below).

[CAPE311] King Hugh Capet of France m. [AQUI322] Adelaide d'Aquitaine
. [BOUC321] Renaud borel capet m. Adelais Judith of Burgundy
. . [BOUC331] Archimbaud de l'Isle Bouchard m. [BOUZ331] Dame Agnes del'Isle Bouchard
. . . [BOUC341] Barthelmy de l'Isle Bouchard m. Gerberge
. . . . [BOUC352] Amauberge Dangereuse de l'Isle Bouchard m. [CHAT341] Vicomte Aimery I de Chatellerault

[BOUC321] Renaud borel capet (born c.986, son of [CAPE311] Hugh capet, see CAPETIAN HOUSE), married Adelais Judith of Burgundy (born c.990, of unknown parentage, but certainly not the Dukes of Normandy).

[BOUC331] Archimbaud borel (born c.1019), de l'Isle Bouchard, married [BOUZ332] Dame Agnes (daughter of Hugh, see L'ISLE BOUCHARD (1) above). He died 1083.

[BOUC341] Barthelemy (born c.1049), de l'Isle Bouchard, married Gerberge.

[BOUC352] Amauberge dangereuse (born c.1079, daughter of Barthelemy, though it is suggested that Amauberge and Dangereuse were possibly two sisters) married [CHAT341] Vicomte Aimery I (see CHATELLERAULT below).

(town in Poitou-Charentes Region)

[CHAT281] Airauld I de Chatellerault m. ?
. [CHAT291] Airauld II de Chatellerault m. ?
. . [CHAT301] Vicomte Airauld III de Chatellerault m. Gersende de Mortimer
. . . [CHAT311] Vicomte Boson I de Chatellerault m. Amelia
. . . . [CHAT322] Gersende de Chatellerault m. [ROCH321] Seigneur Foucauld I de la Roche
. . . . [CHAT321] Vicomte Hugh de Chatellerault m. [ROCH332] Gerberge de Rochefoucauld
. . . . . [CHAT331] Vicomte Boson II de Chatellerault m. [THOU334] Eleanore de Thouars
. . . . . . [CHAT341] Vicomte Aimery I de Chatellerault m. [BOUC352] Amauberge Dangereuse de l'Isle Bouchard
. . . . . . . [CHAT352] Aenor de Chatellerault m. [AQUI361] Duke William X of Aquitaine
. . . . . . . [CHAT351] Seigneur Hugh II de Chatellerault m. ?
. . . . . . . . [CHAT362] Alix de Chatellerault m. [ROCS371] Baldwin des Roches

[CHAT281] Airauld I (born c.870), de Chatellerault.

[CHAT291] Airauld II (born c.900), de Chatellerault.

[CHAT301] Airauld III (born c.935), Vicomte de Chatellerault, married (969) Gersende de Mortimer.

[CHAT311] Boson I (born c.969), Vicomte de  Chatellerault, married (1010) Amelia (born c.970). He died c.1013.

[CHAT322] Gersende (born c.990, daughter & heiress of Boson) married [ROCH321] Foucauld I de la Roche (see ROCHEFOUCAULD below).

[CHAT321] Hugh I (born c.1010, son of Boson I), Vicomte de Chatellerault, married his niece [ROCH332] Gerberge (daughter of Foucauld I, see ROCHEFOUCAULD below). He died 1075.

[CHAT331] Boson II de la Rochefoucauld (born c.1035) married (1075) [THOU334] Eleanore (see THOUARS). He was Vicomte de Chatellerault (1080-90), and died c.1095.

[CHAT341] Aimery I (born 1077), Vicomte de Chatellerault, married [BOUC352] Amauberge dangereuse (daughter of Barthelemy, see L'ISLE BOUCHARD (2) above, who later became mistress of DUKE WILLIAM IX, see AQUITAINE (HOUSE OF POITIERS) DUKEDOM). Aimery died 1151.

[CHAT352] Aenor (born 1103, daughter of Aimery) married [AQUI361] DUKE WILLIAM X (see AQUITAINE (HOUSE OF POITIERS) DUKEDOM).

[CHAT351] Hugh II (son of Aimery I), Seigneur de Chatellerault.

[CHAT362] Alix (daughter of Hugh II), married [ROCS371] Baldwin des Roches (see ROCHES).


[ROCH321] Seigneur Foucauld I de la Roche m. [CHAT322] Gersende de Chatellerault
. [ROCH332] Gerberge de Rochefoucauld m. [CHAT321] Vicomte Hugh de Chatellerault

[ROCH321] Foucauld I (born c.975), Seigneur de la Roche in Angouleme, married [CHAT322] Gersende de Chatellerault (born c.990, see CHATELLERAULT above).

[ROCH332] Gerberge (born c.1012, daughter of Foucauld I) married her uncle [CHAT321] Vicomte Hugh I (born c.1010, see CHATELLERAULT above).