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[CHAX411] Milon  de Chatillon-sur-Marne (born c.982). He died 1044]

[CHAX421] Guy de Chatillon (born 1010). He died c.1067.

[CHAX431] Gaucher de Chatillon (born c.1042). He died c.1097.

[CHAX441] Henri I de Chatillon (born 1063) married 1. Ermengarde de Montjay, died 1139; then 2. Elisabeth de Crepy.

[CHAX451] Gaucher II de Chatillon (born c.1113, son of Henri & Ermengarde), married Ada de Roucy. He died 19 January 1148 in Palestine.

[CHAX461] Guy II of Chatillon, married Adele of Dreux (born 1145, daughter of Robert I, Count of Dreux by Hawise of Salisbury). Adele previously 1. married (24 June 1156) Valeran III, Count of Breteuil). After Guy died, Adele married 3. John de Thorotte.

[CHAX471] Gaucher III of Chatillon (born 1166), married (1196) [SPOL322] Elisabeth (daughter of Hugh IV Count of Saint-Pol, see SAINT POL). He died 1219.

[CHAX481] Hugh I of Chatillon (born c.1198, Count of Blois, married Agnes of Bar-le-Duc. He died 9 April 1248.

[CHAX491] Guy III of Chatillon, Count of Saint-Pol, died 1289. married Matilda of Brabant.

[CHAX501] Hugh II of Chatillon, Count of Saint-Pol (1289-92), Count of Blois (1292-1307), married Beatrix of Dampiere. Hugh died 1307.

[CHAX511] Guy I, Count of Blois, married (1310) Margaret de Valois. He died 12 August 1342.

[CHAX521] Charles de Blois (born c.1319, 2nd son of Guy I, Count of Blois & Margaret de Valois), DUC DE BRETAGNE, married (1337) [DREU462] Jeanne de Penthievre (born c.1319, only daughter of [DREU451] Guy of Brittany, DUCHESS of BRETAGNE, see DREUX COUNTY). Charles invaded Brittany in April 1341 capturing Simon de Montfort.

Charles died 29 September 1364 and Jeanne died 10 September 1384.

[CHAX531] Jean de Bloise (born c.1340), Comte de Penthievre, married [CLIS532] Marguerite de Clisson (daughter of Olivier V de Clisson, see CLISSON).

See BLOSSE for later history in England

[CHAX541=BLOS541] Thomas Bloise (born c.1370) married Alice Frere (born 1379). Alice died 1458.and Thomas died 1461.