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Recommended reading includes "Warkworth Castle and Hermitage" (John Goodall, 2006), in which differences will be noted, in particular that Robert FitzRoger is therein noted as being a child when his father died (1178), and came of age in 1191.

[EUST392] Baron Richard FitzEustace of Halton m1. [NORF434] Jane de Ivry
. [WARK451] Lord Roger FitzRichard of Warkworth m. [ESSE383] Alianor/Adeliza of Rayleigh
. . [WARK462] Alice of Warkworth m. [EUST401] Baron John FitzRichard of Halton
. . [WARK461] Lord Robert FitzRoger of Warkworth m. [CAEN462] Margaret of Horsford
. . . [WARK472] Alice FitzRoger of Warkworth m. [HERZ471] Piers FitzHerbert of Alcaston

[WARK451] Roger FitzRichard (born c.1132, son of [EUST392] Richard FitzEustace, see FITZEUSTACE). Roger was granted Warkworth Manor (Northumbs) by King Henry II (c.1157-64), and thereby became 1st feudal Lord of Warkworth. He married [ESSE383] Alianor/Adeliza (daughter of Henry Essex of Rayleigh, see RAYLEIGH FEUDAL LORDSHIP). [The suggestion that Roger married Alice de Vere was refuted by J. H. Round in Essex Archaeological Society Transactions.] Roger died 1177-78.

       Warkworth Castle
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[WARK462] Alice of Warkworth (daughter of Roger) married her first-cousin [EUST401] John FitzRichard (see FITZEUSTACE).

[WARK461] Robert FitzRoger (born c.1162), 2nd feudal Lord of Warkworth, married [CAEN462] Margaret (widow of Hugh de Crescy, and daughter & heir of William de Cayneto aka Cheney of Horsford, see CAEN). Through Margaret, Robert inherited Horsford (Norfolk) and Clavering (Essex). He was Sheriff of Suffolk and Norfolk (various years between 1191-99), Sheriff of Northumberland (1203), and probably rebuilt Warkworth Castle (1199-1214). He died 1213-14, and Margaret died at Warkworth Castle (22 November 1214).

[WARK472] Alice (daughter of Robert FitzRoger) married (1203) [HERZ471] Piers FitzHerbert (see HERBERT).

[WARK471] John FitzRobert, 3rd feudal Lord of Warkworth, married Ada de Balliol. He died 1240.