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[CLIF401] Ponce presumably died before 1086, as in the Domesday Survey his two eldest sons, Walter FitzPons and Drogo FitzPons were tenants-in-chief in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.

[CLIF411] Richard FitzPonce (younger son of Ponce), of Cantref Brychan, married [HER2452] Matilda FitzWalter de Pitres of Gloucester (see HEREFORD (GLOUCESTER) EARLDOM). Richard built a motte and bailey castle at Llandovery (1100-15), and was living 1120. Its situation made it vulnerable to attack, and by 1162 this castle was in the hands of Lord Rhys (see SOUTH WALES PRINCES).

[CLIF422] Berta (daughter of Richard) married (c.1127) [GIFF361] Helias II (see BRIMPSFIELD BARONY).

[CLIF421] Sir Walter de Clifford (born c.1110, son of Richard) of Clifford Castle (Herefordshire), and Glasbury (Radnorshire), married (c.1135) [TONY442] Margaret (daughter of Ralph IV, see TONY). Margaret died 1185, and Walter died 1190.

[CLIF432] Rosamund the fair Rosamund (daughter of Sir Walter) was a concubine of [PLAN379] King Henry II (see PLANTAGENET KINGS), then openly lived with him after 1174. Rosamund died (1176) during the lifetime of her father, and was buried in the Quire of the Nunnery at Godstow (Oxon) (1191). Her epitaph in Latin, allegedly translated as:

"Here lieth in tombe the rose of the world, nought a clene rose. It smelleth nought sweet, but stinketh, that was wont to smelle ful swete"

After King Henry II had died, the Bishop of Lincoln was appalled to find an adulteress buried in a church. He had Rosamund's body re-interred outside the church, and her tomb removed.

[CLIF433] Lucia (daughter & heir of Sir Walter) married 1. [SAY2441] Hugh (see SAY BY ADOPTION); then 2. (probably 1195) Sir Bartholomew de Mortimer.

[CLIF431] Walter de Clifford (born c.1150, eldest son & heir of Sir Walter) married [CUND432] Agnes (sole daughter & heiress of Lord Roger de Cundi, see CONDET). He died 1222.

[CLIF441] Sir Walter of Clifford Castle ("grandson of Walter de Clifford") married [GWYN399] Margred (ferch Llywelyn ab Iorwerth, see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (1), who had previously married [BRAM461] Lord John de Brewose, killed 1232, see BREWOSE BARONY). Walter died 1263.

[CLIF452] Maud ([presumably born c.1233], only daughter & heiress of Sir Walter) married 1. (Royal Licence dated 30th April 1244) William lungespee, died c.January 1257; then 2. [GIFF411] Lord John (see BRIMPSFIELD BARONY).