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(a noble family deriving from the village of Comne)

[COMN301] Manuel Comnenos m2. ---
. [COMN311] John Comnenos, Domestic of the Schools m. [DALA312] Anna Dalassene
. . [COMN323] Adrian Comnenos m. [DUCA312] Zoe Ducaina
. . . [COMN333] Alexius Comnenos m. Irene Synadena
. . . . [COMN343] Ana Ducaina Comnena m. [PALG331] Alexius Palaeologus
. . [COMN321] Emperor Alexius I Comnenos of Byzantium m. [DUCA322] Irene Ducaina
. . . [COMN332] Theodora Comnena m. [ANGE331] Constantine Angelinus, Commander of the Fleet in Sicily

[COMN301] Manuel Comnenos erotikos [=sexual love] (born c.960), married twice. He died c.1020.

[COMN311] John Comnenos (born c.1010, son of Manuel by his 2nd wife), Domestic of the Schools, married (c.1042) [DALA312] Anna/Irene Dalassena (daughter of Alexius Charon, see DALASSENOS). After John died, Anna retired to Pantepoptes Monastery, where she died (either November 1100 or November 1102).

[COMN323] Adrian Comnenos (born c.1060, son of John) married [DUCA312] Zoe Ducaina (born c.1062, daughter of EMPEROR CONSTANTINE X, see DUCAS (2)).

[COMN333] Alexius Comnenos (born c.1080, son of Adrian) married Irene Synadena (unknown parents).

[COMN343] Ana Ducaina Comnena (born c.1105, daughter of Alexius) married [PALG331] Alexius Palaeologus (see PALAEOLOGI).

[COMN321] Alexius I Comnenos (born c.1056, son of John) was a brilliant General, under both EMPEROR MICHAEL VII and EMPEROR NICEPHORUS III, who never lost a battle; first seeing action against the Seljuk Turks at the age of fourteen. He married 1. --- (unnamed daughter of Argyros); then 2. (c.1078) [DUCA322] Irene Ducaina (born c.1065, daughter of Andronicus, see DUCAS (2)). Alexius usurped the throne from the aged Nicephoros III, to become EMPEROR (4th April 1081-15th August 1118). His mother Anna was a formidable woman, who hated the Ducas family and strove to remove them from power. Alexius added further insult to the Ducas family by excluding his wife from his coronation, though he relented a few days later so she could be crowned EMPRESS. Alexius died at Constantinople (15th August 1118, of some painful illness). Irene died either February 1123 or [most likely] February 1133.

[COMN332] Theodora Comnena (born 15th January 1096-97, youngest daughter of Alexius & Irene) married (c.1120) [ANGE331] Constantine Angelus (see ANGELUS DYNASTY).