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There are several versions of the Cayneto and Chesney connections, and this version seems the most plausible

[CAYN311] Ralph de Cayneto (born c.1044), of Ling (Norfolk), married [WATE349] Maud (born c.1048, daughter of [WATE331] William de Waterville, see WATERVILLE). Ralph apparently afterwards lived at Quesnay (where he was known as Ralph de la Quesnay) and died there (1086), and afterwards Maud married 2. [QUES321] Ralph de la Quesney (see QUESNEY).

[CAYN322] Sibyl de Cayneto de Chesney ([presumably born before 1086], daughter of Ralph), Lady of Rudham (Norfolk), (though another source show Sibyl as daughter of Richard de la Quesnay). Sibyl married [CAEN441] Robert Fitz Walter (see CAEN below).

[CAYN321] William de Chesney (born c.1065, son of Ralph), Lord of Caenby [Cavenby] and Glentham (Lincs).

[CAYN332] Adelaide (daughter of William) married [CUND411] Osbert (see CONDET below).

[CAYN331] William de Chesney [born c.1086], Lord of Caenby [Cavenby] and Glentham. This extra generation is needed, presumably because of the usual problem of father and son having the same fore-name. Without this extra generation, there would be two problems to explain: firstly, Adelaide and Alice (sisters) marrying Osbert and Roger (father and son), and secondly, Alice being the "sole daughter" of William.

[CAYN342] Alice (sole [sic] daughter & heiress of William), Lady of Horn Castle (Lincs), married [CUND421] Roger de Cundi (born c.1118), see CONDET below.



Richard de la Quesnay, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy, was possibly present at the Battle of Hastings (1066). He married [presumably after 1086] Maud de Waterville (born c.1048, widow of Ralph de Cayneto, see CAYNETO above).


[CAEN401] Walter I de Caen (born c. 970).

[CAEN411] Walter II de Caen (born c.995).

[CAEN421] Walter III de Caen (born c.1020).

[CAEN431] Walter IV of Caen (born c.1050), is possibly the Walter [or his father] who held Parva Colun (Suffolk) [afterwards Colne Engaine], as sub-tenant of Robert malet at the Domesday Survey.

[CAEN441] Robert FitzWalter (born 1070 at Horsford, Norfolk), feudal Lord of Horsford, married 1. [CAYN322] Sibyl, Lady Rudham, (daughter & heiress of Ralph de Cayneto, see CAYNETO above).; then 2. [HESD343] Aveline (daughter of Ernulf de Hesdin and widow of [ARU2431] Alan FitzFleald. Robert died 1130.

Dugdale's "Monasticon Anglicanum" records:

An old English document copied by Dugdale states that Robert Fitzwalter and his wife, returning through France from Rome, where they had been in pilgrimage, were set upon by robbers and imprisoned, till by their prayers to God and St. Faith the virgin they were miraculously delivered, after which, visiting the shrine of St. Faith at the abbey of Conches in France, and being there kindly entertained, they vowed on their return into England to build a religious house. This vow they performed; edifying a small monastery at Horsham, and annexing it as a cell to the abbey of Conches.

The priory was founded at Horsham, Norfolk, (1105), though originally it had been Robert's intention to found it at nearby Horsford, at a place called Kirkescroft, but here the original construction work collapsed during the night, and Horsham was then chosen instead.

From 1130 family members took the family name of the late Sibyl's parents, Cayneto or Chesney..

[CAEN451] William de Cayneto aka Chesney of Horsford (son of William & Sibyl), Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk, married [POYN452] Albreda de Poynings (born c.1138 at Poynings, Sussex, daughter of Adam I, see POYNINGS). He died 1174.

[CAEN462] Margaret (born c.1162, daughter & heir of William), Lady of Horsford, married 1. Hugh de Crescy; then 2. [WARK461] Robert FitzRoger (see WARKWORTH FEUDAL LORDSHIP).

[CAEN463] Sara de Caisneto/Chesney (daughter of William), Lady of Colne, married [LAXT361] Richard Engayne (see LAXTON).



[CUND391] Pierre de Conde (born at Conde, Hainault, 1030) married [BRIO423] Emma Crispin (born at Tillieres, Anjou, c.1030 [probably earlier], daughter of Gilbert Crispin FitzGodfrey, see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP).

[CUND401] Osbert de Conde (born at Conde, c.1057).

[CUND411] Osbert de Condet (born at Wickhambreux, Kent, c.1082) married [CAYN332] Adelaide (see CAYNETO above). He died 1130.

[CUNR421] Robert (born c.1108, son of Osbert), of Wickhambreux (Kent), married 1. [BAYE349] Adeliza (daughter of [BAYE331] Earl Ranulph (see CHESTER (BAYEUX) EARLDOM, and widow of [HERT441] Richard (son of Gilbert FitzRichard, died 1136, see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP).

[CUNR432] Isabel (born c.1137 [c.1130], daughter of Robert & Adeliza) married [BARF341] Hugh (see BARDOLF below).

[CUND421] Roger de Cundi (born c.1118, son of Osbert) married [CAYN342] Alice (sole [sic] daughter & heiress of William de Cheney, see CAYNETO above, and thereby became Lord of Caenby & Glentham.

[CUND433] Isabel (daughter of Roger) said to have married Hugh (see BARDOLF below).

[CUND432] Agnes/Alice (sole [surviving?] daughter & heiress of Roger) married [CLIF431] Walter (born c.1150, see CLIFFORD).


The following is clearly inaccurate, but is given in the hope it can be resolved at a later date.
Has the Latinised forename Galfrid been translated as both Gerard and Geoffrey by different researchers?

[LIND301] Ralf de Limesi/Ghent/Lindsay (born at Alost, [c.1035], son of [GANT331] Segneur Ralph d'Alost, see GANT), came to England (1066) with William the Conqueror. He was tenant-in-chief at the Domesday Survey in Devon (Bradwell, East Down, Moretehoe and Roadway), Essex (Brundon, Chigwell and Nieutuna), Herts (Caldecote, Hainstone and Pirton), Norfolk (Didlington and Oxborough), Northants (Collyweston), Notts (Danesthorpe, Epperstone & Woodborough, Hawton, Skelton & Collingham and Thorpe near Newark), Somerset (Aller, Allerfield, Bossington, Combwich, Luccombe, Rapps, Selworthy and Treborough), Suffolk (Bedingfield, Cavendish, Cornard, Cranley, Fenstead, Framlingham, Hestley, Houghton, Newston and Occold) and Warks (Budbrooke). From this it would appear he was a kinsman of William the Conqueror. He married Hawise.

[LIND311] Alan de Lindsay (born c.1058), died in St. Albans Monastery (c.1090-99).

[LIND322] Sir Gerard [Galfrid] de Limesay (born c.1090, son of Alan of Bradwell Limesay, by Hectreda aka Octreda), Lord of Limesay, married Amicia (born c.1115, daughter of Trian de Hanelade de Bidun-Limesi, born c.1085). He died c.1185.

[LIND333] Aleanora de Limesay (born c.1150, daughter of Gerard) married [CRAW441] Sir William de Lindsay (born c.1148, see LINDSAY).

[LIND334] Amabilia de Limesi (daughter of Gerard de Limesi and Amicia).married [HARF335] Sir William Bardolf, see BARDOLF below).

[LIND321] Geoffrey de Lindsay (born c.1090), Lord of Lindsay, married Amicia de Bidun (born c.1094, daughter of Hanelade de Bidun, born c.1068, & Sara).

[LIND332] Amabilia (born c.1120, daughter of Geoffrey), married [BARF331] Hugh Bardolf (see BARDOLF below, or married William de Bardolf).


The connections between Ravensworth and Great Carlton and Norfolk seem tenuous.

[BARF311] Bardolf of Ravensworth (born c.1050, son of [PENT359] Count Eudes of Penthievre, see HOUSE OF RENNES & [ORKN352] --- daughter of Thorfinn, see ORKNEY), Lord of Ravensworth, married [ALSE312] --- (daughter of Geoffrey de Alselyn, see ALSELIN). He died 1120.

It is believed Bardolf was brought up in the Thorfinn household, probably at Ravensworth, which was one of the many Manors in the north of England held by Thorfinn at the time of the Conquest, and he even had a dwelling in the City of York. This gives credence to the belief that Bardolf's mother was a daughter of Thorfinn.

[BARF321] Akaris (son of Bardolf) of Ravensworth (born c.1070), married --- de Alselyn. He died 1161. He is said to have had three sons, Hugh, William and Hervey, though elsewhere Hugh and William were said to be the same person.

[HARF335] Sir William Bardolf, Lord of Bardolf, (born 1109, son of Akaris) married [LIND334] Amabilia de Limesi (daughter of [LIND322] Sir Gerard de Limesi and Amicia, see LINDSAY above).

[HARF345] Thomas Bardolf of Shelford (born 1147) married 1. Rose de Hanselyn (daughter of Lord Ralph Hanselyn (see HANSELYN); then 2. Alice de Corbett (daughter of Walter Corbet & Ada de Umfreville)

[HARF355] Maybell Bardolf (born 1175, daughter of Thomas & Rose) married [SUTT281] William de Sutton (see SUTTON).

[BARF331] Hugh [aka William] Bardolf ([born c.1100], son of Akaris), of Great Carlton, married 1. [LIND332] Amabilia de Lindsay (see LINDSAY above); then 2. ---. Great Carlton was one of the Manors where Kolsveinn was tenant-in-chief at the Domesday Survey.

[BARF341] Hugh Bardolf the elder, (born c.1122, son of Hugh & Amabilia), married [CUNR432] Isabel (born c.1137 [c.1130], daughter of Robert, see CONDET above, and also granddaughter of the 4th Earl of Chester). He founded Castle Carlton, 6 miles south-east of Louth (Lincs). He was also granted (c.1142-46) Waddington Manor (Lincs) by Ranulph, 5th Earl of Chester (his wife's uncle). He was later Lord of Waddington, Riseholm and Scothern (Lincs). He died c.1176.

[BARF351] Hugh Bardolf the younger (born c.1135 [1155]), of Great Carlton, Lord of Waddington, said to have married [CUND433] Isobel Condet (see CONDET above).

[BARF361] Robert Bardolf (son of Hugh), died without male issue. There is a record describing this Robert as the uncle of Jordan Foliot (who was Robert's sister Beatrice's son).

[BARF362] Beatrice Bardolf (daughter of Hugh, and coheiress of her brother [BARF361] Robert Bardolf) married [FOLI451] Richard Foliot (see FOLIOT), taking her inheritance, which included Grimston (Notts), and part share of Hoo (Kent).

[BARF363] Isolda Bardolf (born 1182, daughter of Hugh, and coheiress of her brother Robert Bardolf) married 1. [GREY461] Henry de Grey (see WILTON (GREY) BARONY); then 2. Reynold de Meurdre.