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[CONT321] Robert de Mortagne (born 1031, son of Herluin, Count of Conteville & [FALA319] Herleva of Falaise), 1st Earl of Cornwall, Count of Mortain, married 1. [MARC342] Almodis (Ademode) de Montgomery (see LA MARCHE COUNTY); then 2. [TMON344] Maud / Matilda de Montgomery (daughter of Roger de Montgomery & Mabel de Belleme). See also under CONTEVILLE (MORTAGNE COUNTS).

[CONT335] (daughter of Robert & Almodis) married [CARD341] William FitzRichard, Lord of Cardinham (see CARDINHAM).

2nd Creation

[CONT334] William de Mortagne (born 1084, son of Robert & Maud Matilda), Count of Mortain, became 2nd Earl of Cornwall. (See CONTEVILLE (MORTAGNE COUNTS).

3rd Creation

[CORW351] Renaud de Dunstanville (illegitimate son of [NORK349] King Henry I by his mistress Sybil, see NORMAN KINGS), Sheriff of Devon, married (1140) [CARD352] Beatrice FitzTurold (daughter & heiress of [CARD341] William FitzRichard FitzTurold, Lord of Cardinham, Cornwall, see CARDINHAM). By this marriage he acquired large areas of Cornwall. He became 1st (sic) Earl of Cornwall (1141), and died 1st July 1175.

[CORW362] Maud (daughter & coheiress of Renaud) married (1165) [WORC371] Robert II de Beaumont, Count of Meulan, (see WORCESTER (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM).

[CORW364] Joan FitzRoy de Dunstanville (born c.1150, daughter of Reginald & Beatrice FitzWilliam) married [VALL381] Ralph de Valletort of Trematon (see VALLETORT FEUDAL BARONY). Afterwards Joan an affair with [CORZ491] Richard de Cornwall of Thunnock (see below) then married 2. Alexander Okeston (born 1209).


4th Creation

[CORZ481] Richard (born 5th January 1209, legitimate son of [PLAN389] King John by [ANGO399] Isabella of Angouleme, see PLANTAGENET KINGS), Count of Poitou (1225), Earl of Cornwall (1227). He had various legitimate and illegitimate children.

[CORZ491] Richard de Cornwall of Thunnock (born c.1252, illegitimate son by [CORW364] Joan (widow of [VALL381] Ralph de Valletort, see VALLETORT FEUDAL BARONY). Richard "Earl of Cornwall", married [STOW492] Joan St. Owen (born 1269, daughter of [STOW481] John St. Owen, see ST. OWEN). Joan died c.1321.

[CORZ502] Joane de Cornwall (born c.1286, daughter of Richard de Cornwall & Joan, married [HOWA501] Sir John Howard I (born c.1276, of Wiggenhall), Sheriff of Norfolk (see HOWARD).

[CORZ493] Sir Walter Cornwall (born c.1245, son of [CORZ481] Richard, Earl of Cornwall), married [ARU2472] Margery FitzAlan (born 1254, daughter of John FitzAlan & Isabel, see ARUNDEL (FITZALAN) EARLDOM). Note: Margery is shown born 1254, but her father John FitzAlan died in 1245. This discrepancy needs solving. Elsewhere it says wife of Sir Walter unknown. Margery died 1300 and Walter died 1313

[CORZ503] Margaret Cornwall (born c.1280, daughter of Walter), married 1. [PEVE431] James Peverel (see PEVEREL (2));  then 2. Richard Sergeaux.