Revised 16/10/2018



3rd Creation

[NORK342] King Henry I of England &. [CORX342] Sybil Corbet
. [CORW351] Earl Renaud of Cornwall m. Beatrice of Cardinham
. . [CORW362] Maud of Cornwall m. [WORC371] Count Robert II de Beaumont of Meulan

[CORW351] Renaud de Dunstanville (illegitimate son of [NORK349] King Henry I by his mistress Sybil, see NORMAN KINGS), Sheriff of Devon, married (1140) Beatrice (daughter & heiress of William FitzRichard FitzTurold, Lord of Cardinham, Cornwall). By this marriage he acquired large areas of Cornwall. He became 1st Earl of Cornwall (1141), and died 1st July 1175.

[CORW362] Maud (daughter & coheiress of Renaud) married (1165) [WORC371] Robert II de Beaumont, Count of Meulan, (see WORCESTER (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM).

[CORW364] Joan FitzRoy de Dunstanville (born c.1150, daughter of Reginald & Beatrice FitzWilliam) married [VALL381] Ralph de Valletort of Trematon (see VALLETORT FEUDAL BARONY). Afterwards Joan an affair with [CORZ491] Richard de Cornwall of Thunnock (see below) then married 2. Alexander Okeston (born 1209).



4th Creation

[CORZ481] Richard (born 5th January 1209, legitimate son of [PLAN389] King John by [ANGO399] Isabella of Angouleme, see PLANTAGENET KINGS), Count of Poitou (1225), Earl of Cornwall (1227). He had various legitimate and illegitimate children.

[CORZ491] Richard de Cornwall of Thunnock (born c.1252, illegitimate son by [CORW364] Joan (widow of [VALL381] Ralph de Valletort, see VALLETORT FEUDAL BARONY). Richard "Earl of Cornwall, married [STOW492] Joan St. Owen (born 1269, daughter of [STOW481] John St. Owen, see ST. OWEN). Joan died c.1321.

[CORZ502] Joane de Cornwall (born c.1286, daughter of Richard de Cornwall & Joan, married [HOWA501] Sir John Howard I (born c.1276, of Wiggenhall), Sheriff of Norfolk (see HOWARD).

[CORZ493] Sir Walter Cornwall (born c.1245, son of [CORZ481] Richard, Earl of Cornwall), married [ARU2472] Margery FitzAlan (born 1254, daughter of John FitzAlan & Isabel, see ARUNDEL (FITZALAN) EARLDOM). Note: Margery is shown born 1254, but her father John FitzAlan died in 1245. This problem needs solving. Margery died 1300 and Walter died 1313

[CORZ503] Margaret Cornwall (born c.1280, daughter of Walter), married 1. [PEVE431] James Peverel (see PEVEREL (2));  then 2. Richard Sergeaux.