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[COUR331] Chatelain Athon de Chateau-Renard m. ?
. [COUR341] Seigneur Josselin I de Courtenay m1. [MON3345] Isabelle de Montlhery
. . [COUR352] Hodierne de Courtenay m. [GENE421] Seigneur Geoffroy II de Joinville
. . [COUR351] Seigneur Miles de Courtenay m2. [NEVE352] Ermengarde de Nevers
. . . [COUR361] Seigneur Renard de Courtenay etc m1. [DONJ362] Hawise du Donjon
. . . . [COUR372] Dame Isabel de Courtenay m. [COUP381] Seigneur Peter de Courtenay
. . . . [COUR373] Egeline de Courtenay m. [WYCG461] Lord Gilbert Basset of Hedendon
. . . . [COUR371] Baron Renard de Courtenay of Okehampton m. [CURC372] Lady Hawise de Curcy of Okehampton
. . . . . [COUR381] Robert de Courtenay of Okehampton m. [REVI382] Mary of Devon
. . . . . . [COUR392] Hawise de Courtenay m. [NEVL401] John de Neville
. . . . . . [COUR391] Sir John de Courtenay m. [OXFO412] Isabel de Vere
. . . . . . . [COUR401] Sir Hugh de Courtenay m. [DESP483] Eleanor le Despenser
. . . . . . . . [COUR412] Egeline de Courtenay m. [SCAL481] Sir Robert V de Scales

[COUR321] Renard.

[COUR331] Athon,  Chatelain de Chateau-Renard, was made famous by his valour (c.1010).

[COUR341] Josselin, Seigneur de Courtenay, married 1. [MON3345] Isabelle (daughter of Guy, see MONTLHERY), annulled for consanguinity; then 2. (c.1060) Hildegarde (daughter of Geoffroy ferreole de Chateau-Landon & Ermengarde/Blanche d'Anjou).

[COUR352] Hodierne (daughter of Josselin & Isabelle), married (1080) [GENE421] Count Geoffroy II of Joigny (see GENEVILLE BARONY).

[COUR351] Miles (son of Josselin & Isabelle), Seigneur de Courtenay, married 1. ---; then 2. (c.1095) [NEVE352] Elisabeth/Ermengarde (daughter of Renard, see NEVERS COUNTY). Miles died after 1127.

[COUR361] Renard, Seigneur de Courtenay, Montargis, Chateau-Renard, Champignelles, Tanlay, Charny and Chantecoq in the Gatinais, married 1. [DONJ362] Hawise (daughter of [DONJ351] Seigneur Frederic du Donjon, in the town of Corbeil, son of [DONJ341] Everard du Donjon); then 2. Mary (said to be daughter of Robert FitzRoy, illegitimate son of King Henry I).

[COUR373] Egeline de Courtenay (daughter of Renard & Hawise), married [WYCG461] Gilbert (see WYCOMBE (BASSET) BARONY).

[COUR372] Isabel/Elizabeth de Courtenay (daughter of Renard & Hawise), Dame de Courtenay, married (after 1150) [COUP381] Seigneur Peter (see CAPETIAN HOUSE, and see CAPET LINE below).

[COUR371] Sir Renard de Courtenay (born c.1140, son of Renard & Hawise), Baron of Okehampton, married [CURC372] Hawise (daughter of William de Curcy, see CURCY (2)). He died 27th September 1194, and Hawise died 31st July 1219.

[COUR381] Sir Robert de Courtenay (born c.1183), married (c.1209) [REVI382] Mary de Reviers (widow, only daughter of Earl William, see DEVON (REVIERS) EARLDOM). He died 26th July 1242.

[COUR392] Hawise de Courtenay (born c.1212, daughter of Robert) married (c.1230) [NEVL401] John de Neville (see NEVILLE).

[COUR391] Sir John de Courtenay (born 26th July 1224),of Okehampton, married (c.1249) [OXFO412] Isabel de Vere (daughter of Earl Hugh, see OXFORD (VERE) EARLDOM). John died 3rd May 1273 [or 1274] and was buried at Ford Abbey. Afterwards Isabel married 2. Sir Oliver de Dinham. Isabel died 11th August 1300.

[COUR401] Sir Hugh de Courtenay (born 25th March 1250), married [DESP483] Eleanor le Despenser (born 1259, daughter of Sir Hugh le Despenser, see WINCHESTER (DESPENSER) EARLDOM). He died 28th February 1291-92 at Cullicomb, Devon, and was buried at Cowick Priory, near Exeter. Eleanor died 30th September 1328 in London, and was also buried at Cowick Priory.

[COUR412] Egeline de Courtenay (born c.1282, daughter of Hugh), married [SCAL481] Sir Robert de Scales (see SCALES).

[COUR411] Sir Hugh de Courtenay  (born 14 September 1275, son of Hugh), married Agnes de St. John (see ST. JOHN).  Hugh died 23 December 1346.

[COUR421] Sir Thomas de Courtenay (born c.1311) married Muriel. Thomas died June 1362.

[COUR432] Margaret de Courtenay (born c.1352, daughter of Thomas) married [PEVL381] Sir Thomas Peverell (see PEVERELL).



[CAPE371] King Louis VI of France m2. [SAVO392] Adelaide de Maurienne
. [COUP381] Seigneur Peter de Courtenay m. [COUR372] Dame Isabel de Courtenay
. . [COUP392] Alice de Courtenay m2. [ANGO382] Count Aymar I Taillefer of Angouleme

[COUP381] Peter de France (born after 1125, son of [CAPE371] King Louis VI the fat of France, see CAPETIAN HOUSE) married (after 1150) [COUR372] Dame Isabel/Elizabeth de Courtenay (see earlier). He was Seigneur de Courtenay, and died in Palestine (March 1184).

[COUP392] Alice de Courtenay (daughter of Peter), married 1. (1178) Count William of Joigny, separated for consanguinity (1180) then 2. (1186) [ANGO382] Count Ademar/Amery taillefer (see ANGOULEME COUNTY).