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[COUR321] Renard.

[COUR331] Athon,  Chatelain de Chateau-Renard, was made famous by his valour (c.1010).

[COUR341] Josselin, Seigneur de Courtenay, married 1. [MON3345] Isabelle (daughter of Guy, see MONTLHERY), annulled for consanguinity; then 2. (c.1060) Hildegarde (daughter of Geoffroy ferreole de Chateau-Landon & Ermengarde/Blanche d'Anjou).

[COUR352] Hodierne (daughter of Josselin & Isabelle), married (1080) [GENE421] Count Geoffroy II of Joigny (see GENEVILLE BARONY).

[COUR351] Miles (son of Josselin & Isabelle), Seigneur de Courtenay, married 1. ---; then 2. (c.1095) [NEVE352] Elisabeth/Ermengarde (daughter of Renard, see NEVERS COUNTY). Miles died after 1127.

[COUR361] Renard, Seigneur de Courtenay, Montargis, Chateau-Renard, Champignelles, Tanlay, Charny and Chantecoq in the Gatinais, married 1. [DONJ362] Hawise (daughter of [DONJ351] Seigneur Frederic du Donjon, in the town of Corbeil, son of [DONJ341] Everard du Donjon); then 2. Mary (said to be daughter of Robert FitzRoy, illegitimate son of King Henry I).

[COUR373] Egeline de Courtenay (daughter of Renard & Hawise), married [WYCG461] Gilbert (see WYCOMBE (BASSET) BARONY).

[COUR372] Isabel/Elizabeth de Courtenay (daughter of Renard & Hawise), Dame de Courtenay, married (after 1150) [COUP381] Seigneur Peter (see CAPETIAN HOUSE, and see CAPET LINE below).

[COUR371] Sir Renard de Courtenay (born c.1140, son of Renard & Hawise), Baron of Okehampton, married [CURC372] Hawise, Lady of Oakhampton, (daughter of William de Curcy, see CURCY (2)). He died 27th September 1194, and Hawise died 31st July 1219.

[COUR381] Sir Robert de Courtenay (born c.1183), married (c.1209) [REVI382] Mary de Reviers (widow, only daughter of Earl William, see DEVON (REVIERS) EARLDOM). He died 26th July 1242.

[COUR392] Hawise de Courtenay (born c.1212, daughter of Robert) married (c.1230) [NEVL401] John de Neville (see NEVILLE).

[COUR391] Sir John de Courtenay (born 26th July 1224), of Okehampton, married (c.1249) [OXFO412] Isabel de Vere (daughter of Earl Hugh of Oxford, see OXFORD (VERE) EARLDOM). John died 3rd May 1274 and was buried at Ford Abbey. Afterwards Isabel married 2. Sir Oliver de Dinham. Isabel died 11th August 1300.

[COUR401] Sir Hugh de Courtenay (born 25th March 1250), married [DESP483] Eleanor le Despenser (born 1259, daughter of Sir Hugh le Despenser, see WINCHESTER (DESPENSER) EARLDOM). He died 28th February 1291-92 at Cullicomb, Devon, and was buried at Cowick Priory, near Exeter. Eleanor died 30th September 1328 in London, and was also buried at Cowick Priory.

[COUR412] Egeline de Courtenay (born c.1282 [perhaps c.1279, based on the date of birth of her grand-daughter [BOVI492] Margaret de Boville, see BOVILLE], daughter of Hugh), married [SCAL481] Sir Robert de Scales (see SCALES).

[COUR413] Isabella de Courtenay, daughter of Hugh, married [PORT411] Sir John de St. John of Basing (see PORT).

[COUR411] Sir Hugh de Courtenay  (born 14 September 1275, son of Hugh), 1st Earl of Devon (1335-46), married [PORT412] Agnes de St. John (see ST. JOHN). Hugh died 23 December 1346.

[COUR421] Sir Thomas de Courtenay (born c.1311) married Muriel de Moels.(daughter of John, see MOELS BARONY). Thomas died June 1362.

[COUR432] Margaret de Courtenay (born c.1352, daughter of Thomas) married [PEVL381] Sir Thomas Peverell (see PEVERELL).


[COUP381] Peter de France (born after 1125, son of [CAPE371] King Louis VI the fat of France, see CAPETIAN HOUSE) married (after 1150) [COUR372] Dame Isabel/Elizabeth de Courtenay (see earlier). He was Seigneur de Courtenay, and died in Palestine (March 1184).

[COUP392] Alice de Courtenay (daughter of Peter), married 1. (1178) Count William of Joigny, separated for consanguinity (1180) then 2. (1186) [ANGO382] Count Ademar/Amery taillefer (see ANGOULEME COUNTY).