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The early events are uncertain as "The Complete Peerage" commences with [DAIV471] Sir Robert, and reliance has to be placed on Dugdale. In the same paragraph Dugdale refers to Robert who acquired Egmanton (in the time of King Henry I, and "another Robert" who accompanied King John on his expedition to Poitiers. Dugdale's account clearly omits at least one generation, and in the following narrative two extra generations have been arbitrarily inserted to aid the chronology, which assumes say 30 years between generations.

[DAIV431] Robert Deiville [born say 1100], Constable of Axholme, held Egmanton (Notts), of Nigel d'Albini, sometime prior to 1129 (when Nigel died). (Nigel had been granted Egmanton Manor in 1100.) Robert married 1. --- (a sister of Robert III de Stuteville, see STUTEVILLE). As the latter Robert was born 1110, this suggests Robert Deiville was born say 1100. He was feudal Lord of Kilburn (Yorks) by 1147. Afterwards he married 2. (by 1170) [MONF462] Juliana (see MONTFORT). [1170 is the date when Juliana's father died, so it is of little guidance in placing the date of their marriage.]

[DAIV441] John de Daiville ([born say 1150], son of Robert & Juliana) of Egmanton (Notts), Adlingfleet, Kilburn and Thornton-on-the-Hill (Yorks), married [PERZ372] Maud ([born c.1155], daughter of Jocelin of Louvain, see PERCY).

[DAIV452] Margery (daughter of John) married [WARW371] William, 3rd Earl of Warwick (see WARWICK (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM). [William was born around 1120, but he could have married late in life, however, this Margery died before 1175.]

[DAIV451] Robert de Daiville [born say 1175] went with King John on his ill-fated expedition to Poitiers (1213).

[DAIV461] John de Daiville [born say 1195].

[DAIV471] Sir Robert de Daiville [born say 1220, son of John) of Egmanton (Notts), etc, married [FWIL472] Dionis/Denise FitzWilliam ([born say 1215], daughter of Sir Thomas, see FITZWILLIAM). He also visited Gascony (1241) with King Henry III. Robert was living 1244.

[DAIV481] Sir John d'Eiville ["or correctly Daiville"] ([born say 1250], 2nd son, but eventually heir of Robert, after his elder brother Adam was murdered, c.1282) He held Egmanton (Notts), and Adlingfleet, Kilburn, Thornton-on-the-Hill (Yorks), was appointed Keeper of the King's Forests North of the Trent (1257). He married 1. (without licence, c. May 1275) Maud (parentage unknown, widow of James d'Aldithley, eldest son of [AUD1471] James de Audley, see AUDLEY (ALDITHLEY) BARONY), died 7th November 1273. Maud died before May 1276, and afterwards John married 2. Alice. John died before 1291.

[DAIV491] Sir John Deiville ([born say 1276], under-age son & heir of John & Maud), held Adlingfleet, Kilburn and Thornton-on-the-Hill (Yorks), and Egmanton, Caunton and West Markham (Notts). He married 1. Agnes; then 2. [c.1321-22] [LEDE492] Margaret de Ledes (daughter of Sir Alexander de Ledes, see LEDES). John died 1325-26, and afterwards Margaret married 2. (1326) [EVEM491] Lord Adam (see EVERINGHAM BARONY).

[DAIV502] Joan Deiville (born c.1322-24, daughter of John & Margaret) married [EVEM501] Adam de Everingham (see EVERINGHAM BARONY).