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from Dammartin-en-Goele

Recommended reading includes: "Family Trees and the Roots of Politics" (edited K.S.B. Keats-Rohan, 1997).

As with many other genealogies, connections have been invented to explain acquisitions of title and land, and Dammartin is no exception. The earlier explanation for Aubrey II becoming Count of Dammartin was that his father (Aubrey I) had married Aelis de Bulles, daughter of Count Hugh, who died 1100) who brought this title. But it has been shown that Aubrey II does not figure in Aelis's own list of her children. The above work, edited by K.S.B. Keats-Rohan, offers an alternative explanation, showing Aubrey II instead marrying Mathilde (born  c.1138, great-granddaughter of the said Count Hugh).  Throughout this history, my estimated dates are enclosed in [square brackets], to show they are my own guesses. The Mathilde link appears to be most unlikely, but it has to be admitted that by twisting around hypothetical dates of birth, other possible answers may become apparent.

Confusion is also caused by there being three successive Alberics, here listed as I, II and III, whereas only the latter two became Counts, as Alberic I and II, so that the numbering is out of step.

The following is offered as an alternative solution, with Aelis de Bulles, now shown as Adela de Bulles.


[DAMM341] Hugh I ([born c.1035], 2nd son of Manasses), Count of Dammartin (1071), married 1. [c.1075] Dame Rohais de Bulles (born 1046, of conflicting origin) and thereby became Seigneur de Bulles by right of his wife (1075). Afterwards Hugh married 2.  (c.1090) [BRIO438] Rohais de Clare (born c.1068, previously married to [RYES341] Eudo FitzHubert de Rye, see RYE, and daughter of daughter of Richard FitzGilbert, see FIRST HOUSE OF EU). He died c.1100. Afterwards Rohais married 3. [TELL431] Ralph (see TELLIERES). Rohais died January 1121.

[DAMM352] Adela de Bulles ([born c.1075], daughter of Hugh I by his 1st wife), Dames de Bulles, married 1. [MELL361] Aubrey I de Mello (see MELLO COUNTY below); then 2. Lancelin II de Beauvaisis (son of Lancelin I). By right of his wife Adela, Lancelin became Seigneur de Bulles, then Dominus Lancelinus [Administrator] of the county of Dammartin-en-Goele (1112-1116). The reference seen on a web-site to a Count Lancelin I of Dammartin (1107-13), therefore presumably relates this same person, though Lancelin actually stopped short of acquiring the countship, during the minority of his step-son, Aubrey II de Mello. At a much later date, Ermentrude de Bulles, grandson of Lancelin, married a Guillaume de Mello, which whilst not relevant to this particular problem, shows a continued connection between these families at a later period.

Charles Cawley's Medieval Lands, records:

Dame de Bulles.  "Nobilis mulier Adelidis de Bullis" founded the priory of Wariville by charter dated either 1114 or 1130, with the consent of "filiorum suorum Lancelini…Manasseri, Renaldi, Theobaldi et filiarum suarum Beatricis, Mabilić, Basilidis", and "Joannis et Roberti fratrum de Conti" donated property, confirmed by the bull of Pope Alexander III dated 10 July 1175.

[Comment. The year 1114 would be unlikely as Adela's children would have been minors at this date, and their permission would not have been needed. The year 1130 agrees with the supposed year of death of Lancelin, suggesting that his widow Adela was founding a priory perhaps in memory of her late husband. Therefore Lancelin's heirs (i.e. his children, not his widow) would need to give their permission, as probably some of their money was at stake. Aubrey was not a heir because he was only Lancelin's step-son, so his permission was not needed, hence his name is absent.

The overlordship of Dammartin did not remain with Lancelin's family (though he had sons). The logical explanation is that Lancelin took over the overlordship during the minority of the rightful heir, Aubrey II de Mello, and after his death it reverted back to Aubrey II, which implies Adela married Aubrey I and Lancelin, in that order.

Incidentally, Lancelin's daughter Mabile became prioress of Wariville, and later abbess of Fontevraud.]

Pierre (born c.1065, eldest son of Hugh I), Count of Dammartin (1100-07), married Eustachie. He was killed at the Battle of Gourney (1107). The Dammartin title appears to have passed to his nephew Aubrey II, who was at that date a minor, under the guardianship of his step-father Lancelin II de Beauvaisis.


[MELL311] Gilbert I (born c.945), Count of Mello, died 25th February 984.

[MELL321] Drew I [born c.970], Count of Mello, died c.1017.

[MELL331] --- de Mello [born c.995], generation missing.

[MELL341] --- de Mello [born c.1020], generation missing.

[MELL351] Gilbert II [born c.1045], Count of Mello, married Ermentrude, and died c.1084.

[MELL361] Aubrey I de Mello ([born c.1070], 2nd son of Gilbert), presumably married [DAMM352] Adela ([born c.1075], daughter of [DAMM341] Count Hugh I of Dammartin, see EARLY DAMMARTIN COUNTY above). Aubrey died before 1107, and afterwards Adela married 2. (before 1107) Lancelin II de Beauvaisis, who thereby became overlord of Dammartin (1107) during the minority of his step-son Aubrey II.


[MELL371] Aubrey II ([born c.1100], son of [MELL361] Aubrey I), was a minor when Count Pierre of Dammartin died (1107), and the overlordship of Dammartin passed to his step-father, Lancelin de Beauvaisis. After Lancelin's death, Aubrey became Count of Dammartin [1130-]. Aubrey was also Grand Chambrier de France (1130-50). He married 1. [BAS1462] Joan Basset ([born c.1115], daughter of Justiciar Gilbert, see BASSET); then 2. Clemence (daughter of Count Renard I, see BAR-LE-DUC). Clemence had previously married 1. Count Renard II (see CLERMONT). Alberic died 1183, and afterwards Clemence married 2. Thibaut III, Seigneur de Nanteuil-le-Haudouin in Valois.

The position of Chambrier [Chamberman] was not a honorary title. It bore great responsibility, more so than the Chambellan [Chamberlain]. But to have become Chambrier at the age of 30 would have been reasonable.

[MELL381] Aubrey III ([born c.1135], son of Aubrey II & Joan), [also styled Albri de Luzarches], Seigneur de Lillebonne, Count of Dammartin (1183-), married his step-sister [CLER342] Matilda (born 1138, daughter of [BARL372] Countess Clemence, see CLERMONT). Alberic died 20th September 1200, and Matilda died c.1200.

[MELL392] Agnes (born 1166, daughter of Aubrey III) married (1207) [FIES401] Seigneur Guillaume (see FIENNES).

[MELL393] Juliane (born c.1165, daughter of Aubrey III) married [GURN451] Hugh V (see GOURNEY).

[MELL391] Simon ([born c.1175], [younger] son of Aubrey III) married 1. ---; then 2. (before September 1208) [PON1402] Mary (born 1199, daughter of Count William III, see PONTHIEU & MONTREUIL COUNTY). He was Count of Aumale, and Count of Ponthieu & Montreuil He died 21st September 1239, and afterwards Mary married 2. (1243) Matthew de Montmorency.

[MELL402] Joana (daughter of Simon & Mary) married 1. (at Burgos, 1238) [LEON411] King Ferdinand III (see LEON AND CASTILE (HOUSE OF BURGUNDY) KINGDOMS); then 2. Seigneur John de Neelle III.