Revised 25/01/2018


Daniel OSBORN                          Bethia OSBORN
                                       Born 1696
                                         at Aldeburgh

                                       Baptised 31 Aug 1696
                                         at Aldeburgh, Sts Peter & Paul

                                       Parents Thomas/Mary

Married 1 Oct 1715 at Aldeburgh, Sts Peter & Paul
'both single'

Died 1750                              Died 1753
  at Aldeburgh                           at Aldeburgh

Bu'd 6 May 1750                        Buried 4 Sep 1753
  at Aldeburgh, Sts Peter & Paul         at Aldeburgh, Sts Peter & Paul *

Remarks :
* There were two Bethias buried : 4/9/1753 and 22/6/1759. It is assumed they
were mother and daughter, in that order.

Addresses :
1734-17 Aldeburgh (-)
1729              (mariner, at present in London  preparing for a sea voyage)
1750              (a Capital burgess)
1753-39           (-)

Children :
Daniel           buried 3/2/16-17 Aldeburgh (infant) (parents not given)
Augustine        c 2/5/34 Aldeburgh; m1. Ann Norton; m2. Sarah Norton
Bethia           c 27/1/37-38 Aldeburgh; buried 22/6/59 Aldeburgh
Richard          c 13/2/39-40 Aldeburgh; m. Mary Goodwin
An explanation is needed for the gap in their children 1717 to 1734
Possibly Daniel on more than one lengthy sea voyage
Daniel's Will  dated 21 February 1729-30,  proved 7 May 1750
Will states 'late of Aldeburgh but at present in London being forthwith
bound out on a voyage to parts beyond the seas. Mariner'
Witnesses : John OSBORN  Thomas HAILL Junr
Executrix : Bethia OSBORN wife
Sole beneficiary : Bethia OSBORN wife