Several generations of Daniellís had lived at Towton, in the parish of Saxton-in-Elmet. Towton is on the same road north from Brotherton to Tadcaster which passes Hillam. When Richard Daniell died (1620), he was no doubt wealthy, with property at Ulleskelf (2 miles east of Towton). Richard Daniellís daughter Elizabeth married Thomas Galloway (at Saxton, 19th November 1611). It is not known where Thomas and Elizabeth originally lived, or even died. They were however in the Holbeck district of Leeds around 1639-40. There was also a reference to the death in October 1644 of Christopher Alderson, servant to Thomas Galloway of Holbeck, but this Thomas Galloway could have been their son who married in November 1639. Thomas and Elizabeth had several children including Margaret (then living at Holbeck in Leeds) who married Robert Buckle (at Leeds, St. Peter, 25th June 1638). Robert was from Grinton in Swale Dale, and they returned there to live. Margaretís brother John married Ann Allanbridge (at Calverley, 5th May 1640). Ann had previously been licensed to marry Edward Leake, but this had not transpired. At that time (1639) Ann Allanbridge was living in Saxton, which suggests that she may have lived in the area with a relative (not necessarily surnamed Allanbridge) following her fatherís death (May 1627), when she was only ten years old.

[DANY561] Thomas Danyell and his wife Alyson had at least nine children, probably all at Towton in Saxton parish, but the earlier children were born before the parish register commenced:

Thomas (a husbandman) and Alyson both died at Towton, a couple of months apart (some time in 1560). Both Thomas and Alyson left wills which mentioned their surviving children, and both were proved in court on 18th December 1560.

[DANY571] Edward Danyell had eight children born at Towton and baptised at Saxton as follows:

Edward (a husbandman) died at Towton (buried at Saxton, 20th January 1607-08), leaving a will which included land at Ulleskelf which he left to his son Richard.

[DANY581] Richard Danyell (born 1563) married (date unknown) [SYMP582] Maud Sympson. They had at least nine children, born and baptised at Saxton as follows:

Richard (a yeoman) died at Towton (buried at Saxton, 29th October 1620), and was survived by Maud. In his will Richard left to ďElizabeth my daughter the wife of Thomas Galloway over and above an hundred pounds sterling.Ē

[DANY592] Elizabeth Danyell (born 1589, daughter of Richard) married (at Saxton, 19th November 1611) [GALW591] Thomas Galloway (born 1584, see GALLAWAY).