Revised 25/01/2018


David BOOTHROYD                        Louisa SMITH
Born 1873                              Born 4 Feb 1874
  at New Mill                            at Farnley, Moor Top

Parents Cameron/Ellen                  Parents Thomas/Eliza

Married 25 Apr 1903 at Stanningley, St Thomas
Engine Tenter of 5 Ripley Place; (bride) Weaver of 6 Churchill Street
(David's father : cloth finisher; bride's father : farm labourer)

Witnesses Mary BOOTHROYD          David's sister
          James SMITH             Louisa's brother

Died 1948 (age 74)                     Died 1945 (age 71)
  at Bradford Reg. Dist.                 at Bradford, Reg. Dist.

Addresses :
1904    Stanningley [Bramley], 5 Churchill Mount (engine stoker)
1911    Laisterdyke, 39 Battye Street (stationary engineman)

Children : 
Thomas Cameron   b 15/6/04; c 14/7/04 Eleven Lane Ends Chapel;
                 m. Rosetta Goggs
1881 Census  4372-43  New Mill
Cameron        Boothroyd H M 41 w.c.w                          Honley
Ellen          Boothroyd W M 41                                Hepworth
Mary           Boothroyd D - 17 wstd knotter                   Honley
Clara          Boothroyd D - 15 mule piecer                    Thurstonland
David          BOOTHROYD S -  7 scholar                        New Mill
1891 Census  3654-69  Farsley, 2 Throstle Nest
Cameron        Boothroyd H M 51 agent iron broker              Honley
Ellen          Boothroyd W M 51                                Jackson Bridge
Mary           Boothroyd D S 27 wln piece mender               Honley
Clara          Boothroyd D S 24 w.c.w                          Scarbrid?
David          BOOTHROYD S - 17 shafting lubricator            New Mill
1901 Census  4206-15  Stanningley (Bramley), 3 Ripley Place
Ellen          Boothroyd H W 61                                Jackson Bridge
May            Boothroyd S S 37 worsted winder                 Honley
David          BOOTHROYD S S 27 gas stoker                     New Mill
1911 Census    Bradford, Laisterdyke, 39 Battye Street
David          BOOTHROYD H M 37 stationary engineman, saw mill New Mill, Huddersfield
Louisa         BOOTHROYD W M 37                                Farnley, Leeds
Thomas Cameron Boothroyd S -  6 school                         Stanningley, Leeds