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[DEIN341] Walter I d'Eyncourt (born1043, in Normandy), feudal Lord of Blankney (Lincs), married [PENT365] Matilda of Brittany (born c.1049, daughter of Odo, Count of Penthievre & Agnes de Cornouaille, see HOUSE OF RENNES). Walter died 1103 and Matilda died 21 April 1136...

[DEIN352] Adelicia d'Eyncourt (born c.1075, daughter of Walter) married [PEVX351] Robert Peverel of Bourn (see PEVEREL)

[DEIN351] Lord Ralph Deincourt, 2nd Baron of Eyncourt, (born 1072), married Basilia. Ralph died 1158.

[DEIN361] Walter II Deincourt (born c.1102), married Matilda (born 1110). Walter died 1168. 

[DEIN371] John Deincourt, 4th Baron of Eincourt, (born 1132), married Alice Murdac (born 1140). John died 6 November 1183 and Alice died 1227.

[DEIN381] Oliver I Deincourt, 5th Baron of Eincourt, (born 1162), married Annabella (born 1165). Oliver died 1201     

[DEIN391] Oliver II Deincourt, 6th Baron of Eincourt, (born 1196), married Nichola de Camville (born c.1189, daughter of Gerard de Camville, Castellan of Lincoln Castle. Oliver died 1246,  

[DEIN401] John Deincourt, 7th Baron of Eincourt, (born 1225), married Agnes de Neville (daughter of Geoffrey FitzRobert de Neville, Baron of Raby, & Mabel, and widow of 1. Richard de Percy V). John died 14 October 1257.and Agnes died bef. 1293.

[DEIN411] Edmund Deincourt, 8th Baron of Eincourt, (born c.1256), married Isabel de Mohun (born 1243, daughter of Reginald de Mohun & Isabella Basset). Isabel died 1280 and Edmund died 6 January 1326.

 [DEIN422] Isabel Deincourt (daughter of .Sir Edmond) married [FWIL481] William FitzWilliam (see FITZWILLIAM),