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[BASS451] Richard Basset (born c.1102, son of [BAS1441] Justiciar Ralph, see BASSET), Chief Justice of England, married (c.1121-23) [RIDE382] Matilda (daughter of Galfrid Ridel, see RIDEL). Richard died 1144-47.

[BASW351] Geoffrey Basset de Ridel (born c.1128, son of Richard) is dealt with under WELDON (BASSET) BARONY.

[BASW352] Sybil (daughter of Richard & Maud) married [CAUX441] Robert de Cauz (see CAUX)

[BASS461] Ralph Basset (born c.1131, son of Richard) of Drayton (Staffs), married (c.1154) Alice. He died c.1160.

[BASS471] Ralph Basset (born c.1160), of Drayton, married (c.1185) Isabell (born c.1165). He died 1211.

[BASS482] Sir Miles Basset (born c.1195, son of Ralph) married [LASC462] Agnes de Lascelles (see LASCELLES). Another version shows Sir Miles as son of Miles Basset & Millicent de Chacomb

[BASS492] Margery Basset (daughter of Miles) married [STAP481] Nicholas Stapleton (see STAPLETON)

[BASS481] Ralph Basset (born c.1189, son of Ralph), of Drayton, and Colston Basset (Notts), died c.1254-61.

[BASS491] Ralph Basset (born 1227), 1st Lord of Drayton, married [SOME492] Margaret (born c.1229, see SOMERY). Ralph was slain at the Battle of Evesham (4th August 1265) fighting against the King. However, his property was not confiscated because his wife's father had been fighting on the King's side. Afterwards, Margaret (who had already been married once before) married 3. (before January 1271) Ralph de Cromwell of Cromwell (Notts), and West Hallam (Derbys). Margaret afterwards became a nun, and died at Cromwell (12th June1293).

[BASS501] Ralph Basset married [GREY493] Hawise/Joan (daughter of Lord Reginald, see WILTON (GREY) BARONY). He served in the French and Scottish wars. He succeeded his father (1265) and also held lands of Ralph Basset of Weldon (1284). He became 2nd Lord of Drayton (1295), and died 31st December 1299. Hawise died 1342-43.

[BASS512] Margaret Basset (born July 1273, daughter of Ralph) married 1. (c.1298) [STAF501] Lord Edmund (see STAFFORD BARONY); then 2. Thomas de Pype.