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[DREX291] Hugh de Bourges.

[DREX301] Tertullus de Gatinai( born c.823, at Rennes), Seneschal of Anjou, married Petronelle de Gatinais d'Auxerre. Tertuillus died c.870

[DREX311] Ingelger (born c.850, at Rennes, Brittany),  Count of Anjou, married 1. Adelais of Amboise; then 2. Melinda de Buscancois.  Ingelger died c.899.

[DREX322] Eva Adela de Dreux (born 922, daughter & heiress of Count of Llandry & Adelaise)  married [TIRR321] Walter I Tirrell (born at Tirel, c.925, see TIRRELL), Count in the Vexin and of Amiens. Walter died 995, and Eve died 1016.


[DREU381] Robert I le grand de France (5th son of [CAPE371] King Louis VI & Adelaide, see CAPETIAN HOUSE) married 1. (1144-45) Hawise de Salisbury (daughter of Walter FitzEdward, see SALISBURY (SALISBURY) EARLDOM); then 2. (c.1152) [BAUD382] Dame Agnes de Braine (see BAUDEMENT). He was Count of Dreux, also Count of Perche and Braine, and also Seigneur de Fere en Tardenois, Pontarcy, Besle, Longueville, Quincy, Savigny, Baudement, Torcy, Brie-Comte-Robert, Chailly and Longjumcan. He died at Braine (October 1188), and Agnes died at Braine also (July 1204).

[DREU392] Anne (daughter of Robert I & Agnes) married [FIES381] Seigneur Eustache II (see FIENNES).

[DREU391] Robert II le jeune (son of Robert I & Agnes) married 1. Mahaud (only daughter of Raymond de Bourgogne by Agnes de Thien, and widow of Seigneur Eudes II d'Issoudon), separated for consanguinity (1181); then 2. (1184) [COUC382] Iolande (daughter of Sire Raoul, see COUCY). Robert was Count of Dreux, Count of Braine, etc, and died 28th December 1218. Iolande died at Braine (18th March 1222).

[DREU411] Peter mauclerc (2nd son of Robert II & Iolande) married 1. [THOU372] Alix (daughter of Vicomte Guy, see THOUARS), died October 1221; then 2. (1230) Nicole, died February 1232; then 3. (by 1236) Marguerite de Montaigu. He was Count of Penthievre (1214), also DUKE OF BRITTANY (1213-21, see BRITTANY (HOUSE OF FRANCE) COUNTY). Alix died October 1221, and Peter died at sea (July 1250) returning home after being wounded at the Battle of Mansurah.

 [DREU422] Iolande (born in Brittany, 1218, daughter of Peter & Alix) married (January 1236) [LUSI411] Count Hugh XII (see LUSIGNAN).

[DREU421] John I (born 1217, son of Peter & Alix), DUKE OF BRITTANY (1221-88), married Blanche de Navarre. He died 8 October 1288.

[DREU431] John II (born 1239, married Beatrice (daughter of King Henry III of England & Eleanor), DUKE OF BRITTANY (1268-1305), died 18 November 1305

[DREU441] Arthur II (born 25 July 1261, son of John II & Beatrice), DUKE OF BRITTANY (1305-1312), married 1. Marie, Viscountess of Limoges; then 2  Yolande de Dreux (daughter of Robert IV, Count of Dreux & Beatrice de Montfort). Arthur died 27 August 1312.

[DREU452] Beatrix de Bretagne (daughter of Arthur II de Bretagne & Yolande de Dreux).

[DREU451] Guy (born 1287, son of Arthur II & Marie), married Jeanne d'Avaugour (born 1300, daughter of Henry IV of Avaugour). Jeanne died 28 July 1327 and Guy died 27 March 1331.

[DREU462] Joan (born 1319, only daughter of Guy), DUCHESS OF BRITTANY, married [CHAX521] Charles, DUKE OF BRITTANY (see CHATILLON),