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[DUBL281] Ragnvar m. ?
. [DUBL291] King Ivarr I Ragnvarson m. ?
. . [DUBL301] King Sitric I Ivarrson m. ?
. . . [DUBL311] King Sihtric II Caech of Dublin m. ?
. . . . [DUBL321] King Olaf III Sihtricsson m. [LEIN322] Gormflaith
. . . . . [DUBL331] King Sitric III 'silkbeard' m. [BORU332] Slani ingen Briain O'Briain
. . . . . . [DUBL341] King Olaf of Dublin m. [OTOL342] Maelcorcoe ingen Dunlaing O'Muiredaig
. . . . . . . [DUBL352] Ragnhildr ferch Olaf m. [GWYN341] Cynan ab Iago

[DUBL281] Ragnvar is believed to be the Ragnvar who attacked Paris (845).

[DUBL291] Ivarr I boneless Ragnvarson (born Norway), King of Jorvik (York) (866-73), King of Dublin (871-73), and died 873.

[DUBL301] Sitric I Ivarrson (son of  Ivar I boneless), King of Dublin (888-93 & 894-96), and died 896.

[DUBL311] Sihtric II caech [=squinty]. King of Dublin (917-21), King of Jorvik (921-27). He died 927.

King Athelstan and King Sihtric of Northumbrians, met together at Tamworth (30th January 926), and Athelstan gave his sister Edith in marriage to Sihtric (see ANGLO-SAXON KINGS). She was a daughter of King Edward the elder by his 1st wife Egwina. Not long after the marriage, Sihtric renounced Christianity and his wife was sent to Polesworth Abbey (Warks). She became known as St. Edith. Sihtric died 927.

[DUBL321] Olaf III Sihtricsson cuaran (born c.920, son of Sihtric) married [LEIN329] Gormflaith (see LEINSTER KINGS). He was King of Northumbria (940-44) jointly with his cousin Olaf Gothfrithson, and also King of Jorvik (941-43). He was expelled from England and went to Ireland (944), where he was King of Dublin (944-49). He returned to England and was King of Northumbria & Jorvik (949-52). He was expelled again and returned to Ireland (952), where he was again King of Dublin (952-80). He died at Iona in exile (981). Afterwards Gormflaith married 2. King Malachy (divorced); then 3. King Brian boru (see O'BRIEN) (divorced).

[DUBL331] Sitric III silkbeard married [BORU332] Slani (see O’BRIEN). He was King of Dublin (989-94 deposed, & 999-1035 deposed again). He died 1042.

[DUBL341] Olaf (born c.1000), King of Dublin, married [OTOL342] Maelcorcoe (born c.1007, daughter of Dunlaing O’Muiredaig, see O'TOOLE). Olaf died 1044.

[DUBL352] Ragnhildr (born c.1029, daughter of Olaf of Dublin) married [GWYN341] Cynan ab Iago (see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (1)).