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[DUCS201] Andronicos Ducas of Armenia (born c.755). He died 793.

[DUCS211] --- Ducas (born c.780).

[DUCS221] Andronicos Ducas (born c.805).

[DUCS231] --- Ducas (born c.830), married [MOUS232] Maria Mousela (born 838, daughter of Alexius Mousela, see MOUSELA). Maria died c.855.

[DUCS241] Andronicos Ducas (born c.855) married Anna. Andronicos was a General under EMPEROR LEO VI the wise and died in Arab captivity (c.910).

[DUCS251] Constantine Ducas (born c.875), married --- Iberitzessa (born c.880, daughter of Gregoras Iberitzes). He died at Constantinople (913).

[DUCS262] --- (born c.900, daughter of Constantine) married [DUCA251] John Lydos, see DUCAS (2) below.


[DUCA261] John Lydos (born c.900) married [DUCS262] --- Ducaina (born c.900, daughter of Constantine, see DUCAS (1) above).

[DUCA271] Andronicos Ducas Lydos (born c.925) married [SCLE272] --- Scleros (born c.935, daughter of Photeinos, see SCLEROS).

[DUCA281] Bardas Ducas (born c.955), General.

[DUCA291] Andronicos Ducas (born c.975), a Paphlagonian nobleman.

[DUCA302] Constantine X Ducas (born 1006, son of Andronicos), EMPEROR (24th November 1059-22nd May 1067), married 1. ---; then 2. [MAKR312] Eudocia (born c.1032, daughter of [MAKR301] John Makrembolitissa & ?Keroularia). Constantine died 22nd May 1067, and Eudocia then became EMPRESS. Afterwards she married 2. Romanos IV Diogenes, and he was crowned EMPEROR on 1st January 1068.

He was deposed 1071, and Eudocia once again became EMPRESS. But she was deposed later the same year, and was replaced by her son Michael. Romanos, and died in 1072.

[DUCA312] Princess Zoe Ducaina (daughter of Constantine) married [COMN323] Adrian Comnenos (see COMNENIAN DYNASTY).

[DUCA313] Princess Ana Ducaina (daughter of Constantine) married [PALG321] George Palaeologus (see PALAEOLOGI).

[DUCA301] John Ducas (born c.1010. younger son of Andronicos) married (c.1045) [PEGO302] Irene (born 1012, daughter of [PEGO291] General Nicetas Pegonitissa [Nicholas Pegonites], DUKE OF DYRRACHIUM [or perhaps DUKE OF EDESSA] under EMPEROR BASIL II, and fought successfully against the Bulgarians, 1018). John became CAESAR during the reign of his brother EMPEROR CONSTANTINE X DUCAS, and died c.1088.

[DUCA311] Andronicos Ducas [born c.1035] married (before 1063) [BULG312] Maria (born c.1045, daughter of Trajan, see BULGARIA). Andronicos commanded the rearguard of the Byzantine army in EMPEROR ROMANOS IV's campaign against the Seljuk Turks at the Battle of Manikert (1071) when he announced (wrongly) that the Emperor had been cut down, and Andronicos deserted the battlefield. This probably led to the subsequent crushing defeat of the Byzantine army by the Turks, and their capture of the Emperor, who was effectively deposed. The ex-Emperor was released (1072) and the new Emperor (Michael VII) ordered Andronicos, his brother Constantine and their father Caesar John Ducas to intercept Romanos, which they did and captured him in Cilicia. They returned with him to Constantinople where Romanos was blinded (29th June 1072) on the orders of Caesar John Ducas, apparently opposed by his son Andronicos. Andronicos and his father John fought against Norman rebel mercenaries (1074) but were both captured. Andronicos was released and allowed to return to Constantinople for treatment, though his father continued to be held for ransom for a while longer. Andronicuo then became a monk, taking the name Antonios, whilst Maria became a nun taking the name Xene. Antonios died 14th October 1077.

[DUCA322] Irene Ducaina (born 1065-66, daughter of Andronicos, and great-niece of EMPEROR CONSTANTINE X) married (c.1078) [COMN321] EMPEROR ALEXIUS I (see COMNENIAN DYNASTY).


For Isaakios Dukas  Komnenos, "Emperor of the Orient based in Cyprus", who ruled Cyprus (1184-91) see CYPRUS