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of Castle Combe, Wilts

The following is partly based on the Pedigree published in "History of Manor & Ancient Barony of Castle Combe, Wiltshire" (G. Poulett Scrope, 1852). Not all has been substantiated from other sources. For example, only Dugdale refers to Ursula, 3rd daughter of the Earl of Cornwall. Also Scrope showed Raymond of Toulouse as "Raymond Count of Tholouse", and his descent, here assumed from Raimund IV, Count of Toulouse (died 1105), rather than his grandson Raimund V, Count of Toulouse (born 1134), is not confirmed in the French works, e.g. by Anselme.

[DUNS411] Reginald (possibly born c.1054, son of Hugo), Baron of Castle Combe, married [LISL412] Adeliza de Insula (born c.1058, daughter & sole heiress of [LISL401] Humphrey de Lisle). He was buried at Tewkesbury Abbey.

Humphrey de l'Isle was a tenant-in-chief in Wiltshire at the Domesday Survey, his lands including Contone [Compton Basset], Come [Castle Combe] and Wintreburne [Winterbourne Basset]. The origin of l'Isle is not known for certain. It could for example be from the Isle of Ely, Man or Wight, none of which is particularly close to the land-locked county of Wiltshire.

[DUNS421] Alan I (son, and eventually heir after his elder brother's death, of Reginald). He was granted lands in Sussex and Shropshire forfeited by his forebears by the Montgomery family under King Henry I. He died c.1129

[DUNS432] Alice (born c 1134, daughter of Alan) married (1163-64) [WYCO451] Thomas de Wycombe (see WYCOMBE BARONY).

Alice was shown as sister of Walter de Dunstanville [History of Manor & Ancient Barony of Castle Combe, Wiltshire, G. Poulett Scrope, 1852]. As the father of Walter junior died in 1129, Alice (born later, 1134) would have been the daughter of Walter senior, i.e. daughter of Alan I..

[DUNS433] Emma (daughter of Alan) married [ENGL491] William de Englefield (see ENGLEFIELD).