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of Dutton, Runcorn, Cheshire

[DUTT421] Odard de Dutton (born 1046, son of [SAUV401] Yvron Bellomontensis de Cotentin, see SAUVEUR), held Dutton as sub-tenant at the time of the Domesday Survey (1086), 1st Lord of Dutton, married Alice.

 [DUTT431] Hugh FitzOdard Dutton (born 1086, at Dutton), 2nd Lord of Dutton, married [PICA432] Alice Picard (born 1106, daughter of [PICA421] Sir Nicholas Picard, see PICARD). Hugh and Alice both died c.1130.

[DUTT441] Hugh de Dutton (born 1128, at Dutton, Runcorn, Cheshire), 3rd Lord of Dutton, married (1151) Alice Prescott (born 1132, daughter of Richard Prescott & Martha, see PRESCOT). Hugh died c.1154 at Kekwick, Cheshire, and Alice died 1178 at Dutton.

[DUTT451] Geoffrey de Dutton (born 1160, at Rocksavage, son of Hugh de Dutton), married [EUST413] Helen de Lacy (daughter of [EUST401] John FitzRichard de Lacy, see FITZEUSTACE). Helen died 9th April 1228. Geoffrey died 1248, at Nether Tabley..

[DUTT451] Hugh de Dutton (son of Hugh & Alice), 4th Lord of Dutton, married [MASS462] Isabel de Massey (born 1155, daughter of Hamon, see MASSEY).

[DUTT461] Sir Hugh de Dalton, 5th Lord of Dalton, married [ADES452] Muriel le Despenser (daughter of Thomas le Despenser of Armesby & Burton, by Rohese, see ABITOT).

[DUTT471] Sir Thomas de Dutton, succeeded his brother Hugh as 7th Lord of Dutton. He married [STAN472] Philippa de Standon (daughter of Vivian de Standon & Rohese, see STANDON). 

[DUTT481] Hugh de Dalton, 8th Lord of Dutton, married 1. [MALP482] Joan St. Pierre (daughter of Urian St. Pierre, Baron of Malpas & Idonea de Malpas, see MALPAS).

[DUTT502] Katherine de Dutton (daughter of Sir Hugh & Isabella) married [PULF501] Robert de Pulford (see PULFORD).

[DUTT501] Sir Thomas Dutton (born 1314, son of Hugh & Joan), 10th Lord of Dutton, married Baroness [CANT502] Eleanor Thornton (born c.1316, daughter of [CANT491] Sir Peter Pierce Thornton, 1st Baron of Cantilupe, & Lucia Hellesby, see CANTILUPE).

.[DUTT511] Sir Edward Dutton, married [MUNZ512] Joan Munshull (daughter of Henry & Tibota, see MUNSHALL). Joan had previously married 1. William de Hooton. 

[DUTT521] Peter Dutton (born 1366, at Halton, Cheshire), 12th Lord of Dutton, married [BOTX522] Lady Elizabeth Boteler (born 1377, daughter of Sir John Boteler, 10th Baron of Warrington & Alice de Plumpton, see BOTELER). Elizabeth died 19th June 1428 and Peter died 1tth October 1433.

[DUTT531] John Dutton, 13th Lord Dutton (born 1403), married [SAVA532] Margaret Savage (born c.1403, daughter of Sir John Savage II of Clifton, (see SAVAGE). Margaret died 29th June 1463.

[DUTT542] Lady Cicely (daughter of Lord John) married [BYRD541] Sir John le Bird, see LE BIRD.