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[DEME071] Anwn Dynod (born 300, illegitimate son of Maxentius, ROMAN EMPEROR OF THE WEST (see WESTERN ROMAN EMPERORS) by [CARA132] Elen, daughter of [CARA121] King Eudaf hen, see NORTH WALES PRINCE}

[DEME081] Ednyfed Ny fed (born 330, ap Anwn), King of Demetia.

[DEME091] Clydwyn (born 360, ap Ednyfed), King of Demetia.

[DEME101] Clotrius (born 390, ap Clydwyn), King of Demetia, married Aeda Brosc (born 375, daughter of Corath, son of Eochaid Allmur, member of the Irish tribe of the Deisi)

[DEME112] Gwledyr (daughter & sole heiress of Clotrius) married [DYF1111] Tryffin farfog mac Cyndwr (see below under IRISH ORIGINS) OR

[DEME112] Triphun [m]ap Clotri OR

[DEME112] Tryffin ap Aeda Brosc

These discrepancies suggest further investigation. At this point Bartram (page 618) lists five separate descents for Tryffin which suggests it is unlikely to be resolved at this late date.



The Deisi family originated in County Wexford in Ireland, claiming descent from the mythical Beli mawr, the Celtic Sun God, through his son Miled.

DYF1041] Cairbre (born in Ireland).

[DYF1051] Artchorp or Art Corp (born in Ireland, mac Cairbe).

[DYF1061] Eochaid allmuir [=over-sea] (born in Ireland, mac Artchorp) led a bid for independence but was crushed by the Irish High King, and had to flee to Wales (c.305). Known as Prince of the Irish Deisi tribe.

[DYF1071] Corath/Corath (born in Ireland c.350, mac Eochaid).

[DYF1081] Aed broisc (born in Ireland c.380, mac Corath) was settled by the Roman authorities in Demetia by 382.

 Bartrum (page 1) says:

Aed Brosc the father of Trestin in the Irish version appears as Owain Fraisg father of Tryffin in the Welsh version.

[DYF1091] Owain fraisg mac Aed broisc. Bartrum states Owain the stout.

[DYF1101] Cyndwr/Kynderyn mac Owain fraisc.

[BRYC101] Urb/Eurbrewyddel (born in Ireland, eldest son, mac Cyndwr) founded the Kingdom of Brycheiniog (see BRYCHEINIOG for full details).

[DYF1111] Tryffin farfog [=bearded] (youngest son, mac Cyndwr) married [DEME122] Gwledyr (sole heiress of Demetia, daughter of [DEME111] King Clotrius of Demetia, see above under DEMETIA).

[DYF1121] Eochaid mac Tryffin farfog.

[DYF1131] Aircol/Aergul/Agricola lawhir [=longhand] (mac Eochaid), was Protector of Demetia.


[DYF1141] Gwerthefyr/Vortipor (ab Aircol) was Protector of Demetia (Dyfed). He died c.546, and his tombstone is at Castell Dwyran, Pembrokeshire.

[DYF1151] Cyngar (born c.510, ap Gwerthefyr) was King of Dyfed.

[DYF1161] Pedr (born c.535, ap Cyngar) was Prince of Dyfed.

[DYF1171] Arthwyr (i.e. Arthur Pendragon) (born c.560, ap Pedr) was a tyrannical Prince of Dyfed.

[DYF1181] Nowy/Noe (Noah) (born c.580 [570], ab Arthwyr) was Prince of Dyfed.

[DYF1191] Gwlyddien (born c.600, ap Nowy) married [BRYC192] Ceindrech (ferch Rhiwallon, see BRYCHEINIOG KINGDOM), and was Prince of Dyfed.

[DYF1201] Cathen (born c.625, ap Gwlyddien) was King of Dyfed & Brycheiniog.

[DYF1211] Cadwgon tydelig (born c.650, ap Cathen) was King of Dyfed & Brycheiniog.

[DYF1221] Rhain (born c.675, ap Cadwgon) was King of Dyfed & Brycheiniog.

[DYF1231] Tewdwr (born c.700, ap Rhain) was Prince of Dyfed.

[DYF1241] Maredudd (ap Tewdwr) was Prince of Dyfed, and was probably killed in conflict (796).

[DYF1251] Owain (ap Maredudd) was King of Dyfed (809-811), and was probably killed in conflict (811).

[DYF1262] Tangwystl/Tancoyslt (born c.790, ferch Owain), heiress of Demetia, married [DYFE261] Bledri (ab Arthwys), see below.


[DYFE261] Bledri/Bleiddig of Glamorgan (ab [GLWY251] Arthwys III, see GLYWYSING & MORGANNWG KINGDOMS) married [DYF1262] Tangwystl ferch Owain (under DYFED above).

[DYFE271] Hyfaidd (ap Bledri) was King of Dyfed (878-893). He died 893.

[DYFE281] Llywarch (ap Hyfaidd) was King of Dyfed (893-904), deposed (904), and then ritually drowned by Cadell (ap Rhodri of Gwynedd) and Llywarch's brother Rhodri (ap Hyfaidd).

[DYFE292] Elen (ferch, and heiress of, Llywarch) married (c.904) [GWRI311] King Hywel dda (ap Cadell, see SEISYLLWG, DEHEUBARTH & GWYNEDD KINGDOMS). Through this marriage Hywel inherited Dyfed and thereafter Dyfed was incorporated into Deheubarth.