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[ECHA291] Abbo le Breton m. ?
. [ECHA301] Arnaud le gros m. ?
. . [ECHA311] Seigneur Giroie d'Echauffour et Montreuil m. [MONB312] Gisla de Bastembourg
. . . [ECHA322] Hawise d'Echauffour m1. [GRAN321] Robert I de Grantmesnil

[ECHA291] Abbo le Breton (born 909), had one child.

[ECHA301] Arnaud le gros (born c.936), of Courcerault.

[ECHA311] Giroie/Geroius/Gerve (born c.968), Seigneur d'Echauffour & de Montreuil, said by Guillaume Jumieges to issue from two noble families of the Franks and the Bretons. He was betrothed to a daughter of Heugon, whose dowry would have been the castles of Montreuil and Echauffour, but she died before the marriage could take place, after which he may have lost his Seigneur titles. He married instead [MONB312] Gisla/Gisela (daughter of Thurstan de Bastembourg aka Thurstain de Montfort, see MONTFORT-SUR-RISLE), by whom he had seven sons and four daughters, in order:

"Ernauld, Foulques qui périt avec le comte Gilbert, Guillaume, Raoul Male-Couronne, Robert, Hugues et Giroie et les filles Heremburge, Emma, Adelaide et Hadvise".

Orderic Vitalis also names Giroie and his eleven children. Together with his grandsons Robert and Hughes de Grantmesnil, Giroie founded the monastery of Saint-Evroul (1050).

[ECHA322] Hawise (born c.1007, daughter of Giroie) married 1. [GRAN321] Robert de Grantmesnil (by whom she had six children, see GRANTMESNIL), killed in battle (18th June 1036); then 2. Guillaume d'Evreux (son of Count Robert d'Evreux, Archbishop of Rouen EVREUX COUNTY), by whom she had one child.