Revised 25/01/2018


Edward POUND                           Julia Ann WOOD
Born 1876                              Born 1876
  at Reading (Berks)                     at Inworth (ESS)

                                       Baptised 19 Oct 1876
                                         at Tiptree (ESS), St Luke

Parents James/Ann                      Parents Frederick/Catherine Ann

Married 2 Sep 1905 at Messing (ESS), All Saints
Gardener of 76 Hyde Chapel? Road, Balham

Witnesses Kate WOOD               Julia Ann's sister
          Catharine WOOD          Julia Ann's mother
          Harry WOOD              Julia Ann's brother
1881 Census  1303-17  Reading (BRK), 21 Boarded Lane
James     Pound H M 46 gardener            Hampstead Norris
Ann       Pound W M 38                     Basingstoke HAM
Geo.      Pound S U 20 coachman (dom)      Donnington
Emily     Pound D - 15 dom servant         Reading
Annie     Pound D U 11 scholar             Reading
Jane      Pound D -  9 scholar             Reading
John      Pound S -  7 scholar             Reading
Edward    POUND S -  5 scholar             Reading
Alice     Pound D -  4m                    Reading
1891 Census  1158-7  Caversham (OXF), The Warren Gardeners House
James     Pound H M 56 gardener domestic   Hampstead Norris BRK  
Ann       Pound W M 48                     Basingstoke HAM
John      Pound S S 17 coachman            Reading BRK
Edward    POUND S S 15 gardener            Reading
Jane      Pound D S 19 housemaid           Reading
Alice     Pound D S 10 scholar             Reading
1901 Census  1140-88  Mongewell (OXF), The Bottery?
Edward    POUND H S 26 gardener domestic   Reading BRK
          plus 5 lodgers
1911 Census    Balham (SRY), 22 Nightingale Lane, Beecholme, The Lodge
Edward    POUND H M 35 gardener, domestic  Reading BRK
Julia Ann POUND W M 33                     Messing ESS
Arthur    Pound S -  4                     Balham SRY