Revised 10/11/2020


Edward SMITH                           ---
Born 1830
  at Knutsford CHS

Parents Samuel/Hannah
Married Possibly in Ireland

Died 1869 (age 40)   THIS IS A POSSIBILITY
  at Holbeck Reg. Dist.

Children :
Mary Heaphy      b 1852 Cork; m1. Frances Mosey; m2. George Boddy
1841 Census 1127/ 18 Wheat Lane, Nuneaton WAR
Samuel    Smith 40 officer of excise N
Hannah    Smith 30                   N
Mary      Smith 13                   N
Edward    SMITH 11                   N 
Samuel    Smith  9                   N
William   Smith  7                   N
Sarah     Smith  3                   N
Sidney    Smith  1                   N
1851 Census 1737 Peterborough NTH, 28 Cowgate
Samuel    Smith H      M 51 inland revenue officer    Windley DBY
Hannah    Smith W      M 51                           Newhall DBY
Mary Ann  Smith D      U 23 dress maker               Marple CHS
Edward    SMITH S      U 21 inland revenue officer    Knutsford CHS
Samuel    Smith S      U 19 grocer's asst             Altinchane? CHS Altringham?]
William B Smith S      U 17 tailor app                Altinchane? CHS
Sidney S  Smith S        11 scholar                   Nuneaton WAR
Dorothy   Smith D         9 scholar                   Nuneaton WAR
Septimus  Smith S         6 scholar                   Leicester LEI  [7th child]
1861 Census  3380-44  Leeds, 1 Stamford Street
Samuel    Smith H      M 61 superannuated officer -
                           of Inland Revenue          Windley DBY
Hannah    Smith W      M 62                           Newhall DBY
Dorothy   Smith D      U 19                           Hunston? WAR
          [baptised 14 November 1841 at Nuneaton WAR]
Septimus  Smith S      U 16                           Leicester LEI
          [baptised 13 November 1844 at Leicester, St. George]
Mary H    Smith G/D    -  8                           IRL
1871 Census  4783-64  Hull, West Sculcoates, 48 Peel Street
Samuel    Smith H      M 71 retired officer of excise Windley DBY
Hannah    Smith W      M 72                           Newhall DBY
Sydney S  Smith S      U 31 shopman (unemp)           Nuneaton NTH!
          [birth Sidney St. John Smith, 1841, Hardingstone Reg. Dist.]     
Septimus  Smith S      U 26 chemist & druggist unemp  Leicester LEI
Minnie    Smith G/D    -  5 scholar                   Leeds
          [presumably daughter of Dorothy] 
1871 Census  4783-72  Hull, West Sculcoates, 48 Hopwood Street
Dorothy   Smith H      U 29 dressmaker                Nuneaton WAR
Mary H    Smith Nc     U 18 dressmaker                IRL
1881 Census  4794-38  Driffield, 38 Middle Street North
Sydney S  Smith H      U 41 tailor & clothier         Nuneaton WAR
Dorothy   Smith Sr     U 39                           Nuneaton WAR
Septimus  Smith B      U 36 tailor & clothier         Leicester LEI
Minnie    Smith Nc     - 16 scholar                   Leeds
1911 Census           Swindon (WIL), Union Workhouse, 8 Highworth Road
Dorothy   Smith Inmate S 69 needle work               Nuneaton WAR