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Emma is worthy of special mention. She never married, and spent her early life in service. Her younger sister Jane Eliza died early in 1920 very soon after the death of her husband, and Emma took over the upbringing of their youngest children, Nellie, Bessie and Alice. Emma also worked as a tripe dresser in one of the Emms tripe shops. She lived at Woodhouse Street between 1920 and 1937, when she went to Granby Grove, Hyde Park, Leeds, staying for two years with Nellie who was by then married to Harold Howell. About this time she obtained a copy of her birth certificate and was surprised to learn she was originally Emily and not Emma. She then went to live at 69 Institution Street, Woodhouse, where she lived for almost 20 years before finally going into the Moorhaven Home for the Blind, Cranmer Bank, Leeds, on 29 May 1958. 

Emma’s finest hour came on 17th October 1958 when Queen Elizabeth II visited Leeds. An article in the Yorkshire Post for Saturday 18th October gave the following details.  

The highlight of the Queen’s meet-the-people tour of Leeds yesterday was her visit to Brackenhurst Hostel, in Scott Hall Road, where the welcome of the old folk, though naturally more subdued was no less enthusiastic than that of the great crowds who had hailed the Queen in the city.  

“What a lovely place,” exclaimed the Queen as she and the Duke of Edinburgh toured the hostel under the guidance of the Lord Mayor (Alderman Mrs. Mary Pearce) and the chairman of the Welfare Services Committee, Councillor Albert King.  

The Queen and the Duke saw a typical single room, and another where four old ladies were engaged in handicrafts. Then in the main lounge, they met some of the old folk -- including representatives of other hostels -- and there were one or two moving little scenes.  

One old lady shook the Queens hand, but could not see her. She was 94-year-old Miss Emma Lynes, a blind ex-nurse who now lives at Moor Haven, the Leeds Corporation Home for Aged Blind.

Almost a year later, Emma died (age 95) at Moorhaven (13th September 1959), and was buried at Lawnswood Cemetery (16th September 1959, Grave No. 7-11)..


1881 Census   4548, Batley, Brownhill
George          Wood    H   M 35 master dyer                Birstall
Jane            Wood    W   M 36                            Shepley
                and family, plus:
Emma            LINES   Sv  U 17 general servant            Leeds
1891 Census   3115-123, Bolton LAN, Little Bolton, 13 Irving Street
Elizabeth       Barber  H   W 56                            Bolton
John Wm         Whittle S   S 33 carter                     Bolton
Elizabeth Ellen Barber  D   S 15 cotton winder              Bolton
Emma            LYON    Lr  S 25 drawing frame tenter       Leeds  YKS
1901 Census   4249, Potter Newton, 113 Spencer Place
George H        Mann    H   M 35 steam engine maker         Canada
Fanny           Mann    W   M 36                            Leeds
Emma            LYONS   Vis S 38 monthly nurse              Leeds
1911 Census          Leeds, 4 Backhouse Row
Charles         Emms    H   M 41 tripe dresser              Leeds
Jane Eliza      Emms    W   M 41                            Leeds
Nellie          Emms    D   - 14 warehouse girl, drysalters Leeds
Bessie          Emma    D   -  6                            Leeds
Alice           Emms    D   -  2                            Leeds
Emma            LYNES   Vis S 45                            Leeds