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[ENFE461] Sir Roger Enfeild m. ?
. [ENFE471] Richard de Enfeild m. [TIRR412] Emma de Tirrell
. . [ENFE482] Elizabeth de Enfeild m. Thomas de Battell
. . [ENFE481] Bartholomew de Enfeild m. Ursula de Waldegrave
. . . [ENFE491] Sir Henry Enfeild m. Joan Bretton
. . . . [ENFE501] Sir John de Enfeild m. [NORF442] Isabell Bigot
. . . . . [ENFE511] Richard de Enfeild m. --- Mortoft
. . . . . . [ENFE522] Elizabeth Enfeild m. [BATT521] Thomas Battell

[ENFE461] Sir Roger Enfeild.

[ENFE471] Richard Enfeild [born c.1195], married [TIRR412] Emma (daughter of Sir Walter Tirrell, see TIRRELL).

[ENFE482] Elizabeth Enfeild (daughter of Richard) married [BATT461] Thomas de Battell (see BATTELL)

[ENFE481] Bartholomew Enfeild [born c.1220], married [WALD482] Ursula (daughter of John de Waldegrave, see WALDEGRAVE).

[ENFE491] Sir Henry Enfeild [born c.1255], married Johanna/Isabella (daughter of Robert Bretton). He was a Justice, also a Knight of Essex (non-resident) and of Middlesex. He was Attorney for Humphrey, 7th Earl of Hereford (1276-87), and witnessed the surrender of all the 8th Earl's land and castles (1302). Henry died c. October 1310.

[ENFE501] Sir John Enfeild (born c.1270) succeeded to his father's lands (1311), and became overlord of Enfield. He married [NORF442] Isabell (daughter of Hugo Bigot, 1st Earl of Norfolk, see NORFOLK (BIGOD) EARLDOM), and died c.1326.

[ENFE511] Richard [perhaps Thomas?] Enfeild married --- Mortoft (a daughter of John Mortoft). However, it is noted under BATTELL that Alice Battell was the heir of her grandfather Thomas Enfeild and his brother Richard Enfeild.

[ENFE522] Elizabeth Enfeild (daughter & sole heir of Richard) married [BATT521] Thomas (see BATTELL).