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From Kesnoi-Espec, now Quesnoi, near Saint-Etienne-de-la-Tillnail in the Ange district of Normandy

[ESPE351] William Speke m. ?
. [ESPE361] --- Espec m. ?
. . [ESPE372] Adeline Espec of Helmsley m. [ROOS441] Piers de Ros, Lord of Holderness
. . [ESPE373] Albreda Espec of Helmsley m. [TRAI401] Geoffrey I de Trailly

[ESPE351] William Speke of Warden (Beds), was a tenant-in-chief in Bedfordshire at the time of the Domesday Survey. It is assumed he would have been at best grandfather of Adeline (below) for her to have succeeded her brother Walter as late as 1153, which is 67 years after the Survey.

[ESPE361] William Espec, presumably had 4 children.

[ESPE371] Walter Espec, Lord of Helmsley, acquired Helmsley Castle (Yorks) (c.1120), founded Kirkham Priory (Yorks) (1121), founded Rievaulx Abbey (Yorks) (1131), and founded Warden Monastery (Beds) (1136), see also ESSEX (MANDEVILLE) EARLDOM. Walter also held the honour or barony of Wark on the Tweed (Northumbs), granted to him by King Henry I. Walter probably never married, and became a monk at Rievaulx. When he died there (1155), his heirs were his 3 sisters, Hawise, Albreda and Adeline, (though King Henry II for the time being kept Wark Castle in his own hands):

[ESPE373] Hawise, married William de Bussei;

[ESPE374] Albreda, married [TRAI401] Geoffrey] de Traille (see TRAILLY).

[ESPE372] Adeline ("younger sister & coheir of Baron Walter Espec, Lord of Helmsley, etc, Yorks, and of Wark, Northumbs") married [ROOS441] Piers (see HELMSLEY (ROS) BARONY).