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[TUSC281] Duke Adalbert II of Lucca m. [LORL283] Bertha von Lotharingia
. [ESTE311] March Count Guido of Tuscany m. [THEO312] Marozia di Roma
. . [ESTE321] March Count Adalberto III of Tuscany m. ?
. . . [ESTE331] March Count Oberto of Este m. [SPOZ333] Willa di Spoleto
. . . . [ESTX341] March Count Adalberto II of Este m. ?
. . . . . [ESTX352] Gisela di Vicenza m. [SALU331] March Count Anselm I of West Liguria
. . . . [ESTE341] Count Oberto I of Milan m. [COME342] Railenda di Como
. . . . . [ESTE352] Bertha di Milano m. [TURI351] March Count Manfredo II of Susa & Turin
. . . . . [ESTE351] March Count Alberto-Azzo I of Este m. [CAND352] Artopergue/Waldrada di Venezia
. . . . . . [ESTE363] Adelagia di Milano m. [SALU341] March Count Anselm II of West Liguria
. . . . . . [ESTE362] March Count Alberto-Azzo II of Milan m2. [MAI2314] Gersende du Maine
. . . . . . . [ESTE371] March Count Fulco of Este m. ?
. . . . . . . . [ESTE381] March Count Obizzio of Este m. ?
. . . . . . . . . [ESTE391] Adalbert Azzo V of Este m. ?
. . . . . . . . . . [ESTE401] March Count Adalbert Azzo VI of Ancona m1. Elisa of Tuscany
. . . . . . . . . . . [ESTE411] March Count Aldobrandino of Este m. ?
. . . . . . . . . . . . [ESTE422] Elisa di Este m. [CEVA401] March Count Giorgio of Ceva
. . . . . . [ESTE361] March Count Alberto-Azzo II of Milan m1. [BAVX292] Kunigunde von Bavaria
. . . . . . . [ESTB371] Duke Welf IV of Bavaria m3. [FLAN332] Judith de Flanders

[ESTE311] Guido di Lucca (son of [TUSC281] March Count Adalbert II the rich, see TUSCANY MARCH COUNTY), was March Count of Tuscany (915-30). He married (c.925) [THEO312] Marozia/Mariuccia (daughter of [THEO301] Theophylactus/ Teofilacto, Senator of Rome, by Theodora). He died c.930. Afterwards Marozia married 2. (932) King Hugh of Provence, but died shortly afterwards.

[ESTE321] Adalberto III, March Count of Tuscany, died c.950-60.

[ESTE331] Oberto-Obizzo/Alberto-Azzo, Count of Lucca, March Count of Este, married (c.945) [SPOZ339] Willa di Spoleto (born c.920, see BOLOGNA & SPOLETO COUNTIES), who had previously married (?) 1. her half-uncle DUKE UMBERTO OF SPOLETO (who did not die until 961). He was Palatine Count of Italy/Milan (c.962-65), and died October 975.

[ESTX342] Adalberto II (son of Alberto-Azzo & Willa), March Count of Este, Count of Vincenza, died March 1000.

[ESTX352] Gisela di Vicenza (daughter of Adalberto II) married [SALU331] Anselmo I (see SALUZZO (PIEDMONT)).

[ESTE341] Oberto/Humbert I di Este (born c.950, son of Alberto-Azzo & Willa), Count of Luni, Count of Genoa, Count of Milan, married [COME342] Railenda (see COMERSEE COUNTY). He died c.1020.

[ESTE352] Bertha/Berta (born c.990, daughter of Humbert I) married [TURI351] March Count Manfredo II Udalrico (see TURIN COUNTY).

[ESTE351] Alberto-Azzo I (born c.980, son of Oberto/Humbert I), Count of Luni, Tortuna, Genoa and Milan, March Count of Milan (c.1014-18), and married (c.1017) [CAND352] Artopergue/Waldrada/Adela (born c.975, daughter of [CAND341] Pietro Candiano IV, see CANDIANO). He died 2nd January 1029.

[ESTE363] Adelagia/Adelasia (daughter of Alberto-Azzo I) married [SALU341] March Count Anselm II of Western Liguria (see SALUZZO (PIEDMONT)).

[ESTE369] Alberto-Azzo II (born c.1015, son of Albert-Azzo I), March Count of Milan (1018-97), married (c.1035-40) 1. [BAVX292] Kunigunde (born c.1020, daughter of DUKE WELF OF BAVARIA, see BAVARIA (HOUSE OF WELF) DUKEDOM); then 2. (1049-51) [MAI2319] Gersende (daughter of Hubert eveille-chien du Maine, see MAINE COUNTY, and repudiated wife of Count Theobald III, see CHAMPAGNE COUNTY). Azzo II died at Vangadizza Monastery (1097), allegedly aged about 100.

[ESTB371] Welf IV von Bavaria (born c.1035-40, son of Albert-Azzo II & Kunigunde) is dealt with under BAVARIA (HOUSE OF ESTE) DUKEDOM).

[ESTE371] Folco/Fulco d'Este (born at Este, c.1060, son of Alberto-Azzo II & Gersende), March Count of Este. He died 15th December 1128.

[ESTE381] Obizzio d'Este (born at Este, c.1110), March Count of Este (1154), Podesta [Chief Magistrate] of Padua (1177/80-81), March Count of Genoa & Milan (by 1184), Vogt [=Constable] of San Romano at Ferrara (1188) and Lord of Rovigo (1191). He married 1. ---; then 2. Sophia di Landinara. He died 25th December 1193.

[ESTE391] Adalbert Azzo V d'Este (born at Este, c.1135, son of Obizzio & his 1st unnamed wife). He died c.1190.

[ESTE401] Adalbert Azzo VI d'Este (born in Ferrara, c.1170), Podesta of Ferrara (1196, 1205/08), Podesta of Padua (1199), Podesta of Verona 1206-07), Podesta of Mantua (1207-08, 1210-11), March Count of Ancona (1210), Count of Loreto (1210). He married 1. Elisa ([born c.1170], daughter of Count Aldobrandino of Tuscany); then 2. (before 1192) Sophie/Eleanore de Maurienne (daughter of Umberto, by his 3rd wife Clementia, see SAVOY COUNTY), she died 3rd December 1202; then 3. (22nd February 1203-04) Alix/Alisia de Chatillon ([born c.1178], daughter of ex-Prince Renaud of Antioch). He died 18th November 1212.

[ESTE412] Adalbert Azzo VII d'Este (born at Este, c.1205, son of Adalbert Azzo VI & Alix/Alisia, and much older half-brother of Aldobrandino I), March Count of Este, Lord of the March of Ancona (1217), Vogt of San Antonio at Ferrara (1229), Podesta of Vicenza (1236). He expelled Salinguerra Torelli from Ferrara (1240), and became in his place Signore di Ferrara. He was Podesta of Mantua (1247/53). He married 1. (c.1221) Giovanna d'Este (died 1233); then 2. (1238) Amabilia Pallavicini (daughter of March Count Guido Pallavicini of Bodonitsa). He died 17th February 1263-64, and Amabilia died in February 1263-64 also.

[ESTE411] Aldobrandino I (born at Este, c.1190, son of Adalbert Azzo VI & Elisa, and much older half-brother of Adalbert Azzo VII), March Count of Este, married ---, and died without male issue (1215). He was succeeded by his half-brother Adalbert Azzo VII.

[ESTE422] Menzia/Elisa (born c.1214, almost certainly daughter of Aldobrandino I, and named Elisa for her paternal grandmother, and is unlikely to have been [a much older] daughter of Adalbert Azzo VII) married [CEVA401] March Count Giorgio I (see CEVA MARCH COUNTY).