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[EVEM461] Robert de Everingham married [BIRK462] Isabel (see BIRKIN). He acquired the tenancy-in-chief of the Caux Barony, Laxton Manor, and hereditary custody of Sherwood Forest, after Isabel's brother Robert de Birkin died without issue (1230). Both Robert and Isabel appeared before a court (in 1237), and demonstrated successfully their entitlement to the custody of Sherwood Forest, as the rightful heirs of Matilda de Caux and her ancestors. Robert died June 1246, and Isabel died 1252.

[EVEM471] Sir Adam de Everingham (son & heir of Robert) held Westborough Manor (Lincs); Everingham, Fairburn, Havercroft [?] and Kipling Cotes Manors (Yorks); Laxton Manor (Notts), and held custody of Sherwood Forest. He married 1. ---; then 2. (before 1270) Isabel (widow of Roger de Merley/Murley, of Morpeth, Northumbs, who died c.1263). He died December 1280, and was survived by Isabel.

[EVEM481] Sir Robert de Everingham (born c.1257, son of Adam by his 1st wife) married (c.1271) [HYDE482] Alice de la Hyde (daughter of Robert de la Hyde, see HYDE). Robert held Laxton and North Leverton Manors (Notts); Westborough Manor (Lincs); and Sherburn and Everingham Manors (Yorks). However, shortly before his death he was deprived of the custody of Sherwood Forest (1286). He died before July 1287, and afterwards Alice married 2. Sir Thomas Normanville of Empingham and Normanton (Rut).

[EVEM491] Sir Adam de Everingham (born at Sherburn, Yorks, August 1279) was Knighted (May 1306), and married 1. (before January 1308) [WARR542] Clarice de la Warre (daughter of Baron Roger, see WARRE BARONY). Adam became 1st Lord Everingham (before 1315). After Clarice died, Adam married 2. (1326) Margaret Deiville (widow of Sir John Deiville of Egmanton (Notts), and Adlingfleet (Yorks), who died 1325-26). Adam died c. May 1341.

[EVEM501] Adam de Everingham (born c.1307, son of Sir Adam & Clarice), married (before May 1322) [DAIV502] Joan Deiville (see DAIVILLE). He held Laxton Manor (Notts), Westborough Manor (Lincs); Kyrkbrun [? Sherburn], Brotton-in-Cleveland and Everingham Manors (Yorks). He became 2nd Lord Everingham (1341). Joan died c.1378. Adam died age 80 (February 1388).

[EVEM512] Margaret de Everingham (daughter of Adam) married [HAST512] Sir Hugh de Hastings (see HASTINGS BARONY). (Alternatively, it is possible, though less likely, that Margaret was the daughter of the [EVEM491] Sir Adam, who was Adam's father. However, this latter version is suggested by