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[NORM291] Duke Richard I of Normandy m2. [HERB316] Gunora de Crepon
. [EVRE321] Count Robert of Evreux m. ?
. . [EVRE335] Herleva d'Evreux m. [FLAI331] Gerard de Flaitel
. . [EVRE331] Count Richard of Evreux m. [BARC384] Godehilde de Barcelona
. . . [EVRE342] Agnes d'Evreux m. [MONT321] Seigneur Simon I de Montfort
. . . [EVRE341] Count William of Evreux m. [NEVE342] Hawise de Nevers
. . . . [EVRE352] Judith d'Evreux m. [APUL333] Count Roger I of Sicily

[EVRE321] Robert (son of [NORM299] DUKE RICHARD I, see NORMANDY DUKEDOM) was 1st Count of Evreux, and Archbishop of Rouen (989-1037). He married Herleva, and died 1037.

[EVRW331] Gautier [Walter] (born c.1033, son of Robert) married Philippa. He died c.1070.

[EVRW342] Philippa (born c.1075, daughter of Walter) married [BRAP371] Sir Brian II de Brampton (see BRAMPTON)..

[EVRE335] Herleva (daughter of Robert & Herleva) married [FLAI331] Gerard de Flaitel (see FLAITEL).

[EVRE331] Richard (son of Robert & Herleva)) married [BARC388] Godehilde (widow of [TONY409] Roger I, see TONY, daughter of [BARC361] Ramon Borrel II, see BARCELONA COUNTY). He was 2nd Count of Evreux, and died 1067.

EVRE342] Agnes (daughter of Richard, and heiress of her brother William) married [MONT329] Seigneur Simon I (see MONTFORT L’AMAURY).

[EVRE341] William Crispin (son of Richard), 3rd Count of Evreux, fought at the Battle of Hastings and was a large landholder in England at the Domesday Survey. He married [NEVE342] Hawise de Nevers (daughter of Count William, see NEVERS COUNTY). He died 18th April 1118.

[EVRE352] Judith (daughter of Count William) married [APUL333] Count Roger (see APULIA (HOUSE OF HAUTEVILLE) DUKEDOM). Judith died (1076) predeceasing her father by many years.