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[FIES361] Eustache I de Fiennes (born c.1081, of dubious origin), 1st Seigneur de Fiennes, married [SELV362] Adela (born c.1085, daughter of [SELV351] Erard de Furnes, by Adele de Selvesse, Dame d'Ardres and niece of Famery, Eveque [Bishop] de Therolianne).

[FIES371] Conan de Fiennes (born c.1108), 2nd Seigneur de Fiennes, married [GUIS372] Alice (born c.1108, daughter of Louis de Bournonville, see GUISNES COUNTY). He was living 1112.

[FIES381] Eustache II de Fiennes le vieux (born c.1138), 3rd Seigneur de Fiennes, married [DREU392] Anne de Dreux (born c.1142, daughter of Count Robert I, see DREUX COUNTY).

[FIES391] Enguerrand/Ingelram I de Fiennes (born c.1165), 4th Seigneur de Fiennes, married [BOLL372] Sibyl Bouillon de Tyngrie (daughter of Pharamus Bouillon, see BOULOGNE COUNTY). He was slain at Acon (which may perhaps be Acre) in 1207.

[FIES401] William de Fiennes I (born 1160), 5th Seigneur de Fiennes, and of Martock, Somerset, and also Baron of Tingry, married . 1. Sibyl de Fiennes, Dame of Tingry; then 2. (1207) [MELL392] Agnes (born 1166, see DAMMARTIN COUNTY). William died 1240-41 at Wendover (Bucks)..

[FIES411] Sir Enguerrand II de Fiennes (born c.1210, son of William & Agnes), 6th Seigneur de Fiennes, and Baron of Tingry, married 1. (c.1240) Isobel de Conde (born c.1210, daughter of either Nicholas I, Seigneur de Conde, by Isobel, Dame de Morialme, or his son Seigneur Jacques de Conde, Bailleul & Moriammez, by Agnes de Roeux); then 2. Maud Hampden. He was Knighted (1249), became Lord of Chokes & Gayton (also 1249), and died  c.1265.

[FIES422] Maud (born c.1254, daughter of Enguerrand II, presumably by Maud) married [HERE491] Earl Humphrey (see HEREFORD (BOHUN) EARLDOM).

[FIES421] Sir William de Fiennes (II born c.1245, 2nd son of Enguerrand II, presumably by Isobel), of Martock, Somerset, and Wendover, Bucks, and Lord of Chokes, married (1269) [BRI2412] Blanche (Dame de la Loupelande, etc, in Maine, see BRIENNE COUNTY). William was killed at the Battle of Courtrai (11th July 1302).

[FIES432] Margaret (daughter of Sir William) married (1285) [MORT489] Lord Edmund (see WIGMORE (MORTIMER) BARONY).