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[FOTH321] Otto aurifaber [=goldsmith] (born c.1050).

At the Domesday Survey in Essex, Otto aurifabri held Gestingthorpe as tenant-in-chief to the King, and he also held of the King as sub-tenant land at Finchingfield (Essex); Otto aurifab also had three houses in Colchester (belonging to Shalford. In Cambridgeshire William the Chamberlain and Otto aurifab together held of the king as sub-tenants land at Litlington.

Otto was in charge of the dies at the Royal Mint, a position that was inherited by his male descendants down to 1282.

[FOTH331] Otto the younger FitzOtto (born c.1075, son of Otto).

[FOTH341] William FitzOtto (born before 1106, son of Otto).

[FOTH351] Otto FitzWilliam (born c.1130), Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire (1182-91), married [HARD452] Margery FitzHarding (daughter of Lord Robert FitzHarding, see BERKELEY (HARDING) BARONY), thereby acquiring lands in Dursley parish. Otto died c.1193-94.

[FOTH361] William FitzOtto (born c.1166), succeeded his father (c.1194). He died c.1214.

[FOTH372] Otto FitzWilliam (born c.1198, son of William FitzOtto), succeeded his father (c.1214, but was still a minor). He was placed in wardship of Earl Robert de Vere of Oxford (who died c.1221), conditional upon Otto marrying the Earl's niece. Otto was  living 1256, and apparently died 1257.

[FOTH382] William FitzOtto (son of Otto FitzWilliam) succeeded his father (c.1257), but died without issue (c.1265).

[FOTH371] William FitzWilliam ([born c.1185], son of [FOTH361] William FitzOtto), married [c.1205] [DIVE362] Matilda de Dives (born c.1183, daughter of  William de Dives, see DIVES). He [probably] died [c.1210-13] before his father, so that the "right of inheritance" at the Royal Mint passed to his younger brother, rather than his infant son. Afterwards Matilda married 2. Richard FitzHugh.

[FOTH381] Otto ([born c.1210], assumed son of William FitzWilliam).

[FOTH391] Sir Thomas FitzOtto/FitzOtes (born c.1231), engraver at the Royal Mint, married [BXXB442] Beatrix of Bedford (daughter of William, see BEAUCHAMP OF BEDFORD). Thomas claimed his right as manager of the dies by right of inheritance (1265-66) after the death of his "uncle", William FitzOtto, who had no children, which would imply that his father was a younger brother of the said William FitzOtto. However, dating the generations suggests he may actually been a "first-cousin once removed", and this is here assumed. Thomas died 1274, and afterwards Beatrix married 2. Sir William de Monchesney. Beatrix died first, followed by Sir William (1286).

[FOTH402] Maud FitzOtto (daughter of Thomas, and co-heir of her brother Otto who died before 1282, coheiress of her mother Beatrix) married (1285) [BOTE401] Lord John of Botetourt, Admiral, (see BOTETOURT BARONY).