Revised 20/11/2019



[FOUG321] Meen I (born c.960, son of [MAYE321] Seigneur Juhel I (see MAYENNE), Seigneur de Mayenne & de Fougeres. He died 1020.

There is also a suggestion that Meen was the son of Count Juhael Berengar & Gerberge (see SENLIS COUNTY), but this would make Meen 25 years years younger than his siblings.

[FOUG331] Alfred (born c.1000), Seigneur de Fougeres in Brittany (1020), married Chana (daughter of Gesdouin/Gelduin II de Saumur, son of Gelduin I de Saumur, by Aenor de Doue). He died 1048.

[FOUG342] Inogen (daughter of Alfred) married [VITR331] Seigneur Tristran (see VITRY).

[FOUG343] Denise de Fougeres (born c.1035, daughter of Alfred) married [AMBS321] Sulpice I d'Amboise (born c.1030, see AMBOISE-2).

[FOUG341] Meen II, Seigneur de Fougeres (son of Alfred), married (c.1070) [BUCK353] Adelaide Giffard (born c.1050, daughter of Seigneur Giffard de Longueville, see GIFFARD BARONY). He died 1092.

[FOUG351] Raoul I (born c.1072), Seigneur de Fougeres, married [BRIO433] Avice de Clare (daughter of Richard FitzGilbert, see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL BARONY), widow of [GRES461] Robert III de Toeni, see GRESLEY). Raoul died 1124.

[FOUG361] Henri, Seigneur de Fougeres, married [RICH362] Olive (daughter of Count Etienne I of Penthievre, see RICHMOND EARLDOM). He became a monk at Savigny (1150) and probably died 1154. Later, Olive married 2. ---.

[FOUG371] Raoul II, Seigneur de Fougeres (1154), married [MAYE372] Mathilde (daughter of Seigneur Juhel, see MAYENNE). He died at Savigny (16th May 1194).

[FOUG381] William married [HOMM393] Agatha du Hommet (daughter of William, see HOMMET). William died 7th June 1187, and afterwards Agatha married 2. Fulk II Paynel.

[FOUG391] Geoffroi, succeeded his grandfather as Seigneur de Fougeres (1196), married [PORH392] Mathilde (daughter of Vicomte Eudes, see PORHOET). He died 1212. Mathilde succeeded her father as Victomesse de Pohoet.

[FOUG401] Raoul, Seigneur de Fougeres (1212), married (1223) [CRAO392] Isabel (daughter of Seigneur Amaury I, see CRAON (2)). Raoul died 1256, and afterwards Isabel married 2. Caron de Bodegat, Chevalier de Breton.

[FOUG412] Jehanne/Jean (only daughter & heir of Raoul), Dame de Fougeres, married 1. Sire Bernard-Ezy I de d’Albret in Gascony; then 2. (29th January 1254) [LUSI421] Count Hugh XII (see LUSIGNAN), who thereby became Sire de Fougeres by right of his wife.