Revised 25/01/2018


Francis Williamson CARTWRIGHT          Emma Augusta STUBBS
Born 1846                              Born 1853
  at Harworth (NTT), Martin              at Barrowden (RUT)

                                       Baptised 31 Jul 1853
                                         at Barrowden, St Peter

Parents George/Sarah                   Parents John/Mary

Married 12 Apr 1893 at Pendleton (LAN), Broad Street, Brunswick Wesleyan
'Francis William' of Martin Harworth; bride of 13 Nursery Street
(Francis William's father : farmer  deceased; bride's father : builder)

Witnesses B OLDFIELD
          A OLDFIELD

Addresses :
1901    Harworth, Martin Hill (farmer)

Children : b=born, c=christened, m=married, d=died
Frank Victor     b 1898 Martin

Censuses :
1851 Census  2122-361  Harworth (NTT), Martin
George    Cartwright H M 48 farmer 210 acres Martin
Sarah     Cartwright W M 40                  Doncaster YKS
Elizabeth Cartwright D - 13 scholar at home  Martin
Ann       Cartwright D - 12 scholar at home  Martin
George    Cartwright S - 10 scholar at home  Martin
Thomas    Cartwright S -  8 scholar at home  Martin
Sarah     Cartwright D -  7 scholar at Home  Martin
Francis   Cartwright S -  4 scholar at home  Martin
Hannah    Cartwright D -  3 scholar at home  Martin
Frederick Cartwright S -  1 scholar at home  Martin
John      Cartwright B U 47 farmer's brother Martin

1861 Census  2420-71  Harworth, Martin
George    Cartwright H  M 58 farmer 300 acres Martin
Sarah     Cartwright W  M 49                  Doncaster YKS
Elizabeth Cartwright D  U 22                  Martin
Ann       Cartwright D  U 21                  Martin
George    Cartwright S  U 20                  Martin
Sarah     Cartwright D  U 18                  Martin
Francis   Cartwright S  - 14                  Martin
Hannah    Cartwright D  - 13                  Martin
Frederick Cartwright S  - 10                  Martin
Fanny     Cartwright D  -  9                  Martin
Caroline  Cartwright D  -  4                  Martin
John      Cartwright Sv U 56 shepherd         Martin

1871 Census  3461-81  Harworth, Martin
Sarah     Cartwright H   W 59 farmer 300 acres Doncaster YKS
George    Cartwright S   U 30                  Harworth
Sarah     Cartwright D   U 27                  Harworth
Francis W Cartwright S   U 24                  Harworth
Frederick Cartwright S   U 20                  Harworth
Fanny     Cartwright D   U 19                  Harworth
Caroline  Cartwright D   - 14                  Harworth
John      Cartwright B/L U 66 work on farm     Harworth

1881 Census  3307-63  Harworth, Martin
Sarah              Cartwright H W 69 farmer 360 acres Doncaster YKS
Francis Williamson Cartwright S U 33 farmer's son     Martin
Caroline           Cartwright D U 24                  Martin
John               Cartwright U U 76 asst on farm     Martin

1891 Census  2645-57  Harworth, Martin
Francis W   Cartwright H    S 44 farmer Martin
Sarah       Cartwright Sr   S 47        Martin
Thomas      Cartwright B    M 48        Martin
Elizabeth M Cartwright Sr/L M 42        East India
            plus 3 nephews and several servants

1901 Census  3127-65  Harworth, Martin Hill
Francis W    Cartwright H M 54 farmer              Martin
E A          Cartwright W M 47                     Barrowden RUT
Frank Victor Cartwright S -  3                     Martin
Susannah     Stubbs     V S 40 living on own means Barrowden
Mary Maria   Stubbs     V S 30 living on own means Barrowden
             plus 6 servants