Revised 25/01/2018


Fred TINGLE                            Sarah Jane METCALFE
Born 1863                              Born 1868
  at Armley                             at Wortley

                                       Baptised 15 Mar 1868 
                                         at Wortley, St John Evangelist

Parents James/Sarah Ann                Parents William/Alice

Marriage Banns called Dec 1897 at Leeds, St. Peter for
   Fred Tingle (age 37, miner) of 7 Providence Row, Upper Wortley & 
   Sarah Jane Metcalfe (age 31) of 11 Providence Row)
to be married at Wortley

Died  1903 (age 40)
  at  Bramley Reg. Dist.

Fred Tingle (age 23, miner, Atkinson Yard, son of James Tingle, miner
   married Sarah Ann Tate (age 26, widow, cloth weaver, 20 Shaftesbury Street, dau of John Mills, labourer)
   at Upper Armley, Christ Church (29 January 1887)
Sarah Ann Tingle died (age 34) Bramley Reg. Dist, mid-1895
1871 Census  4539-3  Armley, Wortley Road, Clayton's Row
James           Tingle H M 28 clay miner           Wortley
Sarah Ann       Tingle W M 26 woollen weaver       Armley  [nee Hartley]
Fred            TINGLE S -  7 works at cotton mill Armley
Walter          Tingle S -  3 scholar              Armley
Annie E         Tingle D -  2                      Armley
1881 Census  4503  Wortley, Silver Road Hill, Settle Row 
James           Tingle H M 38 fireclay miner       Leeds
Sarah Ann       Tingle W M 36                      Leeds
Fred            TINGLE S - 17                      Leeds
Walter          Tingle S - 13                      Leeds
Annie Elizabeth Tingle D - 12 scholar              Leeds
William         Tingle S -  9 scholar              Leeds
Benjamin        Tingle S -  7 scholar              Leeds
Tom             Tingle S -  3                      Leeds  

Fred Tingle = Sarah Ann Tate nee Mills
1891 Census  3682-93  Wortley, 7 Providence Street
Fred            TINGLE H M 27 clay & coal miner    Armley
Sarah Ann       TINGLE W M 30 worsted weaver       Wortley
Lillian         Tate   D S  7 scholar              Wortley
Emma            Tingle D - 11 scholar              Wortley
Anne            Tingle D -  9 scholar              Wortley
John            Tingle S -  8 scholar              Wortley
Rose            Tingle D -  5 scholar              Wortley
Ada             Tingle D -  3 scholar              Wortley
Tom             Tingle S - 11m                     Wortley
Fred Tingle = Sarah Jane Metcalfe
1901 Census  4208-28  Wortley, 335 Tong Road
Fred            TINGLE H M 37 coal miner           Armley
Sarah Jane      TINGLE W M 34                      Wortley
Maud            Tingle D S  5m                     Wortley
1911 Census           Wortley, 232 Lower Wortley Road
Sarah Jane      TINGLE H W 43 at home              Leeds 
Maud            Tingle D S 10 school               Leeds 
Elsie           Tingle D S  9 school               Leeds