Revised 25/01/2018


Frederic William HARTLEY               Jane Ann APPLEYARD
Born 2 Feb 1881                        Born 2 Jan 1882
  at Stanley                             at Holbeck
Bapt 2 Jul 1882                        Baptised 24 Dec 1882
  at Stanley, St Peter                   at Holbeck, St Matthew

Parents Richard/Mary Ann               Parents James Midgley/Ada Ann

Married 26 Dec 1908 at Holbeck, St Matthew
Baker of 54 Willoughby Street; bride of 1 Granville Terrace
(Frederick William's father : moulder; bride's father : engineer)

Witnesses Thos Stephen APPLEYARD  Jane Ann's brother
          Lily APPLEYARD          Jane Ann's sister
Frederic W        b 1913 Holbeck Reg. Dist.
1881 Census  4574-125  Stanley cum Wrenthorpe, 1 Aberford Road
Richard     Hartley H M 37 iron moulder           Stanley
Mary Ann    Hartley W M 27                        Newark NTT
Samuel C    Hartley S -  7 scholar                Gainsborough LIN
Alice G     Hartley D -  2                        Stanley
Frederick   HARTLEY S -  2m                       Stanley
1891 Census  3747  Stanley cum Wrenthorpe, Stanley Hill
Richard     Hartley H M 45 iron moulder           Stanley
Mary A      Hartley W M 28                        Newark NTT
Samuel C    Hartley S U 18 engine cleaner         Nottingham NTT
Richard     Hartley S S 15 pony driver            Gainsborough LIN
Alice G     Hartley D S 12                        Stanley
Frederick W HARTLEY D S 10                        Stanley
Harry       Hartley S S  8 scholar                Stanley
Beatrice    Hartley D S  5 scholar                Stanley
Thomas      Hartley S S  1                        Stanley
1901 Census  4196  Hunslet, 47 Woodview Mount
Mary A      Hartley H M 47                        Newark NTT
Fredric W   HARTLEY S S 19 baker & confectioner   Stanley
Beatrice    Hartley D - 15                        Stanley
Thomas      Hartley S - 12                        Stanley
Rowland     Hartley S - 10                        Stanley
Florence    Hartley D -  8                        Stanley
Gladys O    Hartley D -  4                        Stanley
Margery D   Hartley D -  1                        Stanley
1911 Census         Wakefield, 54 Warren Gate
Mary Ann    Hartley H W 58                        Newark NTT
Rowland     Hartley S S 19 coal miner             Stanley
Florence    Hartley D S 18 feeder, printing works Stanley
Gladys Olga Hartley D S 15 weaver                 Stanley
1911 Census Frederick and Jane not located