Revised 25/01/2018


Frederick George BODDYE                Emily HOWITT
Born 1862                              Born 1861
  at Acomb                               at Great Ponton LIN

Bapt 9 Nov 1862
  at Acomb, St Stephen

Parents William/Anna                   Parents Charles/Mary Ann

Married 6 Apr 1884 at Acomb, St Stephen
Boiler Maker

Witnesses Wm BODDYE               Frederick George's brother
          Elizabeth PARKER        -

Died 1935 (age 72)                     Died 1937 (age 76)
  at Guisbro Reg. Dist.                  at Cleveland Reg. Dist.

Addresses :
1884-86 Acomb (boiler maker)
1891    Normanby, 12 Oxford Street (boiler maker)
1901              12 Oxford Street (boiler maker)
1911    South Bank, 58 Coral Street (riveter, boilersmith)

Children :
Elsie Maude       c 3/8/84 Acomb
Frederick William c 13/6/86 Acomb; d 1952 Cleveland Reg. Dist. (age 66)
Edith             b 1888 Acomb 
Clara             b 1891 South Bank
Emily Mary        b 1893 South Bank
Charles           b 1897 South Bank
Herbert           b 1900 South Bank
1861 Census   Great Ponton (LIN)
Charles           Horwitt  H   M 45 Chelsea Pensioner ag lab Little Ponton
Mary A            Horwitt  H   M 36                          Barkston
John W            Greasley S/L - 14 carter                   Gt Ponton
Edward            Greasley S/L - 12 carter                   Gt Ponton
Charles           Greasley S/L -  9 scholar                  Gt Ponton
Harriett          Howett   D   -  1                          Gt Ponton
Emily             HOWETT   D   -  1m                         Gt Ponton
1871 Census  3-19  London (MDX), Paddington, Servants Home
Numerous inmates, including
Emily             HOWITT         10                          Gt Ponton
1881 Census  4723-153  York (YKS), St Saviourgate (pa. St Saviour)
Henry             Todd     H   M 29 tailor & Wesleyan 
                                           local preacher    Helmsley
Henrietta         Todd     W   M 28                          Kirbyunderdale
                  and family, plus lodgers and servants, including :
Emily             HEWETT   Sv  U 18 domestic servant         York
1891 Census  4017-25  Normanby, 12 Oxford Street
Fred Geo          BODDY    H   M 28 boiler maker             Acomb
Emily             BODDY    W   M 30                          Great Ponton LIN
Elsie Maud        Boddy    D   -  6 scholar                  Acomb
Fred Wm           Boddy    S   -  4 scholar                  Acomb
Clara             Boddy    D   -  1m                         South Bank
1891 Census  3517-32  York, Acomb, Front Street
George            Morley   H   M 57 railway joiner           Wistow
Mary              Morley   W   M 54                          Church Fenton
                  and family plus     
Edith             Boddy    Vis -  3                          Acomb
1901 Census  4586-9  Normanby, 12 Oxford Street
Frederick G       BODDYE   H   M 38 boiler maker             Acomb YKS
Emily             BODDYE   W   M 40                          Great Ponton LIN
Elsie M           Boddye   D   - 15                          Acomb
Frederick W       Boddye   S   - 14                          Acomb
Edith             Boddye   D   - 13                          Acomb
Clara             Boddye   D   - 10                          South Bank
Emily M           Boddye   D   -  7                          South Bank
Charles           Boddye   S   -  3                          South Bank
Herbert           Boddye   S   -  1                          South Bank
1911 Census           South Bank, 58 Coral Street
Frederick George  BODDYE H M 48 rivetter, boilersmith Acomb YKS
Emily             BODDYE W M 50                        Gt Ponton LIN
Elsie Maude       Boddye D S 26                        Acomb
Frederick William Boddye S S 24 stationary engineman  Acomb         
Edith             Boddye D S 23                        Acomb ENTRY CROSSED OUT
Clara             Boddye D S 20                        South Bank
Emily May         Boddye D S 17 short-hand typist      South Bank
Charles           Boddye S S 13 school                 South Bank
Herbert           Boddye S S 11 school                South Bank