18 October. George made enquiries about recruiting and was told to come back next day.

19 October. Enlisted to serve 12 years in the 68th Light Infantry (by Danl. Delaney, Sergt. Major of Pensioners, at Leeds). Service No. 1401, and George described as being a shoemaker, age 19, 5 ft. 6 in. tall, 33 in. around the chest, fair complexion, grey eyes, brown hair and no distinguishing marks. He also held a 2nd Class Certificate of Education, but it is not clear if he already held this certificate when he enlisted or was awarded it at a later date.

20 October. Given a Medical at Leeds by the Surgeon of the 5th Dragoon Guards. This was referred to as his "Medical on Enlistment". He then swore allegiance before the magistrate.

21 October. Stayed at home, awaiting instructions.

22 October. Went to York. Given a Medical by the Staff Surgeon at York, referred to as his "Medical on Approval".

23 October. Remained at York barracks performing various fatigues.

24 October. George and two other recruits went (presumably by train) to Liverpool, where they were marched to the Recruits Depot.

25 October. George and two other recruits (all enlisted with the 68th L.I.) went across the Mersey to Birkenhead, thence by train via Chester to Holyhead, where they caught the overnight steamer to Dublin.

26 October. Arrived in Dublin, and stayed with various other recruits, all destined for various camps.

27 October. Remained in Dublin.

28 October. Went to Templemore Camp to join the 68th L.I., and here they were given a Medical by the regimental Surgeon. His pay started from this date.

29 October. His acceptance was certified by the Colonel of the Regiment, Lt. Col. J. W. Kirby.


23-27 April. Had 5 days in hospital with a sprain caused by an accident.

24 October. Regiment arrived at Cork from Templemore. To be prepared for embarkation, destined for India.

2 November - 1 December. George had a month's embarkation leave, presumably he went home to Leeds, though there is no confirmation.


9 February [or thereabouts]. Embarked on a ship at Cork [this date being George's date of commencement of overseas service.]

14 March. Regiment arrived at Poona, having presumably docked earlier at Bombay which is about 200 miles by rail from Poona.

7-14 April. Had nine days in hospital during an epidemic of dengue, which is an acute viral disease spread by mosquitoes.

20 October. Awarded first Good Conduct stripe (after 2 yrs).


7-19 November. Had a short spell in hospital with a contusion from an accident.


18 November. Arrived at Mhow (Bombay) from Poona.


11 January. Arrived at Neemuch after a march from Mhow.

1 April. Promoted to Lance Corporal.

20 October. Awarded Second Good Conduct stripe (after 6 yrs).


29 January. Moved to Nusserabad (Bombay).


12 January. Promoted to Corporal.

7 September. Appointed to Lance Sergeant (no increase in pay).

8 November. Moved to Mian-Mir (Bengal).


5 April. Promoted to Sergeant.

15 May. Detached to Changa Manga.

21 June. Returned to Mian-Mir.


2-4 January. Sick with ague (malaria).


5 January. Marched to Meerut.

1 July. 68th LI. became Durham Light Infantry (1st Battalion). George's Service No. now 822.


20 October. Awarded Third Good Conduct stripe (after 12 yrs).

4 December. Moved to Fatehgarh.

 - -. Whilst at Fatehgarh, he re-engaged (back-dated to 28 October, the anniversary date of his first pay in 1870) "for such term as will complete a total service of twenty-one years", though in the event he only served just under 19 years.


29 October. Moved to Allahabad.


4 April. Detached to Fort Allahabad.

14 May. Returned to Allahabad

27 May. Appointed to Pioneer Sergeant (no increase in pay),


12 August. Detached to Canda Dahhorra.

20 October. Awarded Fourth Good Conduct stripe (after 16 yrs).

21 October. Returned to Allahabad.


19 March. Regiment sailed from India in H.M.S. "Euphrates", a 6,200-ton troop-ship built in 1866, armed with 3 guns, used on the Britain -- India run.

14 April. Arrived at Colchester. In mid-1887 he had one day in the guardroom with loss of pay (the only blemish on his records).


26 January. Reverted to Sergeant, at his own request, (no loss of pay).


6 May. Transferred to Bradford in preparation for his release.

4 September. Discharged, and awarded the Long Service & Good Conduct medal.

Altogether his army service comprised:

Home service    20/10/1870 to  8/ 2/1872  =   1 yr  112 days

East India              9/ 2/1872 to 13/ 4/1887 = 15 yrs  64 days

Home service     14/ 4/1887 to  4/ 9/1889  =   2 yrs 144 days

                                                              total   = 18 yrs 320 days