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[GANT311] Ralph (son of [BOUL281] Count Aethelwulf, see BOULOGNE COUNTY), Seigneur d'Alost. died 962.

[GANT321] Baldwin, Seigneur d'Alost.

[GANT331] Ralph de Gant, Seigneur d'Alost et de Gisle (1031-52), married [LUXE324] Gisele de Luxembourg (see LUXEMBOURG (HOUSE OF THE MOSELLE) COUNTY).

[LIND301] Ralf de Limesi/Ghent/Lindsay (born at Alost, [c.1035], son of Ralph, is described under LINDSAY.

[GANT341] Gilbert I de Gant (born at Alost, Flanders, c.1048, son of Ralph, but was alternatively said to be younger son of Robert, Lord of Alost near Ghent, and was also said to be brother-in-law of Queen Matilda's sister). He married (c.1071) [MONB342] Dame Alice (daughter of Hugh II, see MONTFORT-SUR-RISLE). Gilbert had lands in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire, and was castellan of York Castle (1068) with William malet and Robert FitzRichard, and was captured there by the Danes (1069). He died c.1095.

[GANT353] Emma (daughter of Gilbert I) married [PERX341] Alan (see PERCY).

[CRAW411] Sir Walter I de Ghent (said to be son of Gilbert I) is dealt with under LINDSAY.

[GANT355] Agnes (daughter of Gilbert I) married William FitzNigel (see FITZNIGEL).

[GANT351] Hugh de Gant (eldest son of Gilbert), married Adeline de Beaumont (daughter of Earl Robert, see LEICESTER (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM), and afterwards became Hugh IV of Montfort.

[GANT354] Walter de Gaunt (born 1087, younger son of Gilbert I), married [RICH364] Maud de Richmond (daughter of Count Stephen, see RICHMOND EARLDOM). He died 1139.

[GANT362]  Agnes de Gaunt (daughter of William) married [MOHU421] William de Mohun (see MOHUN)

[GANT361] Robert de Gaunt (born 1122), married Gunnora de Gourney (of disputed origin). He died 1191.

[GANT371] Gilbert de Gaunt married [ALBI482] Alice d'Albini (see BELVOIR (ALBINI) FEUDAL LORDSHIP).

[GANT381] Gilbert de Gaunt.

[GANT392] Nichole de Gaunt (2nd daughter & coheiress of Gilbert) married (c.1273) [MAUL481] Lord Piers, see MAULEY LORDSHIP).