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Middleton chapel was built in 1634, and made parochial in 1670, when a new register was commenced. Entries prior to this date entries have not survived, except for four entries for the Moore family of Grimes Hill that were "taken out of former registers" and re-entered in the new register. It is likely that baptisms were only undertaken on behalf of the occupants of Middleton Hall and the Moore family of nearby Grimes Hill.

At the Hearth Tax survey of the Constablewick of Middleton, taken on 10th February 1674-75, 99 householders are named. The list starts with William Smirlethwaite [Smorthwaite], who was occupying Middleton Hall. After Smirlethwaite, the entries are listed in order of hamlets as follows [with modern names where identified in brackets]: Hawkins [Hawkin Hall], Tosbecke [Tossbeck], Millbecke [Millbeck], Millhouses [Mill House], Waterside [Waterside], Holmes [Holme House], Townhead, Fellside [Fellside], Beckside [Beckside Hall], Brow, Elves, Fellside [Low Fellside], Applegarth [Applegarth], Sowesmyre [Sowesmire Farm], Borrans [Borwens], Barwick Hall [Barwick Hall] and Eskeholme [Eskholme]. These hamlets appear in approximate order from north to south. Curiously there is no Edward Garnett mentioned in this survey, though there was Edw. Gurnell (with 3 hearths) in Sowesmyre, the only Gurnell in Lonsdale Ward (there were several entries with this surname in Kendal Ward). Garnett could easily have been written as Gurnell at the time. However the name in the original survey clearly reads Gurnell, so it is not a modern transcription error, though the modern transcriber did omit Edw. Gurnell from the name index in The Westmorland Hearth Tax booklet, so perhaps he had misgivings. The other householders at Sowesmyre were Jo. Bayley, Wm. Richardson, Joseph Bayley and Will Bambridge [Bainbridge]. Jo[hn] Bayley and Joseph Bayley were brothers, and Jane Bayliffe (who married Edward Garnett) was their sister. In addition, William Richardson had married another sister, Agnes. The surname Bayliffe does not appear in the Westmorland survey, and was variation of Bayley, though in 1694 there was a reference to a James Bayleffe of Middleton. Incidentally in 1603 there was a reference in Wiltshire to a John "Bayleffe or Bailey", so this corruption was not local to Westmorland. As an occupation, a bailiff was also known as a bailey, or steward.

The following first three generations have been surmised.

Anthony Garnett (born c.1525) married at Kirkby Lonsdale (154) Susan. They hade three children aa ollows

"wife of Robert" buried at Kirkby Lonsdale (27th March 1592). Robert buried at Kirkby Lonsdale (13th February 1617-18).

[GRNT601] Edward Garnett (born 1593) married (at Kirkby Lonsdale, 11th April 1619) [HRDY602] Julyan Hardie (born 1596, see HARDIE). They had several children baptised at Kirkby Lonsdale. However there was another family in the parish at the same time, stemming from Edward Garnett who married (at Kirkby Lonsdale, 9th November 1617) Jennet Moore. The issue from both families have been shown together as follows, with the likely parentage distinguished by the letters H for Hardie and M for Moore:

Gilliam [Julyan] (wife of Edward Garnett) of Barbon, buried at Kirkby Lonsdale (5th September 1657). Edward died at Middleton (buried at Kirkby Lonsdale, 7th September 1657). Edward Garnett (of Barbon) buried at Kirkby Lonsdale 24th May 1663). Jennet Garnett (widow, of Barbon) was buried at Kirkby Lonsdale, 6th September 1672).

[GRNT611] Edward Garnett (born 1636) married (at Kirkby Lonsdale, 22nd June 1658) [BAYF612] Jane Bayliffe (see BAYLIFF), both of Middleton. They had (at least) three children baptised at Kirkby Lonsdale as follows:

Edward was buried at Middleton (22nd July 1687). Afterwards Jane married --- Matthews. Jaine Matthews (a widow) died at Dent (1711, buried there), leaving a will, in which "Jennett" bequeathed everything to her son-in-law Edward Fawcett, despite having other issue, e.g. her sons James Garnett and William Garnett.

[GRNT621] James Garnett (born 1662), a cowper of Middleton, married (about February 1691) [LAYF622] Alice Layfield (born 1668, see LAYFIELD). They had a licence to marry issued on 9th February 1690-91, her surname being shown as "Layfoot". One of the bondsmen was his brother William Garnett, a yeoman of Dent, who had married Mary Yeates at Dent four years earlier. William too had married by licence, which stated that at that time he was a yeoman of Middleton. James and Alice had eight children, as follows:

It will be noticed that their first two children (Edward and Jane) were named for James' parents, and their third child (Myles) was named for Alice's father. James died at Middleton (buried there 22nd June 1732), and Alice also died at Middleton (buried there 1st October 1747).

[GRNT631] Miles Garnett (born 1698) married (at Middleton, 16th January 1724-25) [BELL632] Isabel Bell (born 1705, see BELL). They had ten children born and baptised at Middleton as follows:

Miles died at Middleton (buried there 28th December 1776), and Isabel died at Middleton 4 weeks later (buried there 27th January 1777).

[GRNT641] John Garnett (born 1735), an ostler, married (at Kirkby Lonsdale, 13th November 1769) [HARL642] Jane Harling (born 1741, see HARLING).



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John was in his mid-thirties when he married, and had perhaps been an ostler (stableman) at the inn where Jane’s father, Richard Harling, was innkeeper. They had six children born and baptised at Kirkby Lonsdale as follows:

Jane died (age 61) at Kirkby Lonsdale (buried there 10th January 1802), and John (a labourer) died (age 81) at Kirkby Lonsdale also (8th March 1816, buried there 10th March 1816).

[GRNT651] Richard Garnett (born 1772) of Kendal married (at Grayrigg, 12th July 1800) [ATKN652] Isabella Atkinson (born 1780, see ATKINSON), of Lambrigg. They had six children born and baptised at Kendal as follows:

Richard (a stone mason) died (age 47) at Kendal (buried there 8th January 1820), and afterwards Isabella married 2. William Darwen. They too later moved to Stanningley, bringing together Isabella and three of her children, John, Isabella and Elizabeth. William Darwen (a hatter) died (age 52, of asthma) at Stanningley (20th May 1840), and Isabella died (age 64, of “decay of nature”) at Stanningley also (30th November 1842). It is not known where they were buried, but probably at Sunfield.

[GRNT662] Elizabeth Garnett (born 1809, daughter of Richard) married (at Kendal, 12th November 1832) [SHEP661] John Shepherd (born 1812, SHEPHERD).


William Darwen = Isabella Garnett
1841 Census  1298/13-11  Stanningley (Pudsey), Richardshaw
John       Shepherd 30 watchman N
Elizabeth  Shepherd 30          N
Bella      Shepherd  5          N
John       Shepherd  3          Y
Margaret   Shepherd  9m         Y
Bella      DARWIN   60          N
Ann        Garnett  10          N