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The descent down to [GASC261] is unreliable and cannot be substantiated.

[GASC221] Loup II (born c.720, of disputed origin, but most probably son of [LUPE201] DUKE EUDO OF AQUITAINE, see EARLY AQUITAINE DUKEDOM), DUKE OF GASCONY (768-78), possibly married [LEO2222] Numabela Fruelez of Cantabria (born c.755, daughter of DUKE FRUELA OF CANTABRIA, see KING OF ASTURIAS & LEON). He died before 801.

[GASC232] Velasco Lopez (born c.765, eldest son of [GASC221] Loup II), Count of Pamplona & Navarre. He died c.824.

[GASC242] Oneca Velasquez (born 783, daughter of [GASC232] Velasco Lopez) married [NAV2261] Inigo Iniguez Arista (see NAVARRE (HOUSE OF INIGO) KINGDOM).

[GASC233] Sancho I Lopez (born 772, younger son of [GASC221] Loup II), DUKE OF GASCONY (778-812), killed in battle at Aragon (816).

[GASC245] Aznar Sanchez (born c.785, son of [GASC233] Sancho I Lopez), Count of Gascony. He died c.836.

[GASC255] Sancha Aznarez (daughter of [GASC245] Aznar Sanchez) married [GASC251] Semen Garcez (see later).

[COMM301] Garcia Sanchez (son of [GASC233] Sancho I Lopez), Count of Comminges, is described under COMMINGES.

[GASC243] Dhuoda Sanchez (born c.795, daughter of [GASC233] Sancho I Lopez) married [HEBG269] March Count Bernard the tyrant of Septimania (see SEPTIMANIA).

[BIGE251] Lopo Centulez (son of Loup II), DUKE OF GASCONY, is described under BIGORRE.

[GASC231] Semen Lopez (born c.755, youngest son of [GASC221] Loup II), succeeded his elder brother [GASC233] Sancho I Lopez as DUKE OF GASCONY (812-16), married Leodegundia de Asturias. He died 816.

[GASC241] Garcia I Semen, DUKE OF GASCONY (816-18), married Dodilde de Pailhars (daughter of Count Raymond I de Pailhars).

[GASC251] Semen Garcez, Count des Alavais, married [GASC255] Sancha Aznarez (daughter of [GASC245] Count Aznar I Sanchez, see above).

[GASC261] Sancho III mitarra [=the terrible], DUKE OF GASCONY (864-93), married [AROZ252] --- (daughter of Count Galindo I Aznarez, see ARAGON COUNTY).

[GASC271] Garcia II Sanchez le Courbe, DUKE OF GASCONY (893-930), married [ANGO293] Aminiana (daughter of Count Wulgrin I, see ANGOULEME COUNTY).

[GASC282] Acibella (daughter of Garcia II) married [AROZ269] Count Galindo II, see ARAGON COUNTY).

[GASX281] Sancho IV Garcez is described under GASCONY (2) below.

[GASC281] Arnaldo I Garcez (youngest son of Garcia II), 1st Count of Astarac (926-60).

[GASC292] Faquelina/Garsenda of Astarac (born c.920, daughter of Arnaldo I) married 1. (before 950) [BIGE291] Count Raymond I Donat/Dato (see BIGORRE); then 2. (c.970) her brother-in-law Vicomte Oriol d'Aure.

[GASC291] William I d'Astarac (born c.945, presumed son of Arnaldo I).

[GASC302] Ricarda d'Astarac (daughter of William I) married [BIGE311] Count Garcia-Arnaud (see BIGORRE).


[GASX281] Sancho IV Garcez (son of [GASC271] DUKE GARCIA II SANCHEZ, see GASCONY (1) above), DUKE OF GASCONY (930-c.952).

[GASX291] William II Sanchez (2nd illegitimate son of Sancho IV), DUKE OF GASCONY (961-96), married [NAVA303] Urraca of Pamplona (widow of Fernan Gonzalez of Castile, and daughter of King Garcia I Sanchez of Navarre, see HOUSE OF JIMENO).

[GASX301] Sancho VI William (2nd son), DUKE OF GASCONY (1009-32). He died 4th October 1032.

[GASX312] Alausie of Gascogne (daughter of Sancho VI William) married [PERD311] Count Adalbert II (see PERIGORD COUNTY).