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[WAKE441] Geoffrey Wac, Seigneur de Negreville, Normandy, held land in Guernsey. He died after 1142.

[WAKE451] Hugh le Wake (1st son & heir), Seigneur de Negreville, married [BRIO452] Emma of Bourne (eldest daughter & coheiress of Baldwin FitzGilbert, see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP). He died c.1175-76.

[WAKE462] Isabel de Wake (daughter of Hugh) married [BXXB421] Simon de Beauchamp (see  BEAUCHAMP OF BEDFORD).

[WAKE461] Baldwin I Wake (born c.1136, son & heir), Lord of Bourne (Lincs), married [HOMM392] Agnes du Hommet (daughter of William, see HOMMET). He died c.1198, and afterwards Agnes married 2. Ranulph de Vernay.

[WAKE471] Baldwin II Wake (born c.1184), Lord of Bourne, married (c.1209) [BRIG468] Isabel de Briwere (born c.1183, widow of [DOUV381] Foubert de Douvres (see DOUVRES, died c.1205), and daughter of Sir William de Briwere of Blisworth, see BRIGUERRE). He died c.1213.

[WAKE481] Hugh Wake (born c.1210, son & heir), Lord of Bourne and Liddell, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Constable of Scarborough Castle, married [DEST472] Joan de Stuteville (1st daughter & coheiress daughter of Nicholas II, see STUTEVILLE). He died in the Holy Land (by December 1241), and afterwards Joan married 2. (by 1244) Hugh Bigod, Chief Justiciar of England. Joan died c.1276.

[WAKE491] Baldwin III Wake (born 1236, son & heir), Lord of Bourne and Liddell, married 1. [BXXB443] Ela de Beauchamp (daughter of William de Beauchamp, see BEAUCHAMP OF BEDFORD); then 2. (c.1267) [QUEN403] Hawise de Quincy (born c.1250, younger daughter [but not heiress] of Earl Roger, see WINCHESTER (QUENCY) EARLDOM). He died 5th February 1281-82, and Hawise died c.1284-85.

[WAKE501] Hugh Wake (born c.1273, son of Baldwin & Hawise), of Winterbourne Stoke and Compton, Wilts, married (c.1290) [BELA502] Joan de Belauney (born 1279, daughter of [BELA491] Baldwin de Belauney & Joan, of Fisherton de la Mere, Wilts). Hugh died c.1312, and afterwards Joan married 2. (1314) Nicholas de Braybrook. Joan died at Braybrooke, Northants, (c.1329). [The reference to Hugh Wake marrying Joan de Wolverton, appears to refer to another Hugh Wake, of Blisworth and Deeping. These Hugh Wake's were cousins.]

[WAKE512] Meribel Wake (born c.1310, daughter of Hugh) married 1. [PORT421] Hugh de St. John of Basing, 2nd Lord Saint John of Basing (see PORT), died 1335; then 2. (c.1336-37) [ASPA511] Thomas de Aspale, of Kent, (see ASPALE below).

The suggestion on a web-site that Meribel married firstly Ralph Blanchminster, and by him had a daughter Cicely who was born in 1304, makes Cecily four years older than her mother. 


[ASP481] Roger Aspall married Alice.

[ASP491] Robert Aspall (born c.1250) married Anne.

[ASPA501] Sir Robert Aspale (born c.1274), married 1. Anne Coles, then 2. [CRES502] Alice de Cressingham (born c.1285, daughter of Sir Hugh, see CRESSINGHAM). Robert was Keeper of the Peace for Suffolk (1316), MP in Suffolk (1324/25 and 1326), and Justice in eyre for forest pleas in Berkshire and Hampshire. He was succeeded by his grandson, Sir John.

[ASPA512] Sir John Aspall (born c.1304, son of Sir Robert & Alice). John died 1357.

[ASPA523] Elizabeth Aspall (daughter of John) married 1. [TIPT431] Sir John Tiptoft (see TIPTOFT); then 2. [WALT521] Sir John Walton (see WALTON).

[ASPA511] Thomas de Aspale (born c.1308, son of Robert & Alice), married [WAKE512] Meribel Wake (daughter of Hugh, see WAKE above). Thomas apparently predeceased his father.

[ASPA521] Sir John Aspale (born at Lackford, 1338) married (1365) [PECC522] Catherine Pecche (daughter of Lord Gilbert II, see PECCHE). John died at Lackford (1375), and afterwards Catherine married 2. (1377) Sir Thomas Notbeam (born at Great Thurlow,  Suffolk, 1337). Catherine died at Great Thurlow (8th August 1406).

[ASPA532] Mirabel Aspale (born 1368, daughter of John) married [GEDD531] William Gedding (see GEDDING below).


[GEDD511] William Gedding (born c.1310).

[GEDD521] William Gedding (born c.1342), married (c.1367) Amy de la Rokele (born c.1346, daughter of Sir Thomas de la Rokele, merchant of Norwich).

[GEDD531] William Gedding (born at Icklingham, Suffolk, c.1370) married (at Lackford, 1385) [ASPA532] Mirabel Aspale (born 1368, daughter of Sir John Aspale, see ASPALE above).

[GEDD541] Thomas Gedding (born at Lackford, 1390) married (1417) [ASTL542] Anne Astley of Melton Constable (born c.1400, daughter of Thomas Astley, see ASTLEY). He died at Icklingham, Suffolk, (1465).

[GEDD551] William Gedding (born at Lackford, 1418), of Icklingham, married (1451) [WATK552] Margarie Watkins (born 1431, daughter of Sir John Watkins see WATKINS). Margarie died 1488, and William died c.1497-99.

[GEDD562] Constance Gedding (born c.1453, daughter & heiress of William) married 1. (c.1480) [POLY561] Henry Poley (see POLEY); then 2. John Allen, Baron of the Exchequer.