[JOIG331] Geoffroi I de Joigny married (by 1012) [SENS352] Mainfrede de Sens (daughter of Fromond III de Sens, see SENS COUNTY). Afterwards Mainfrede married 2. (1024) [BRI2331] Count Engelbert III (see BRIENNE COUNTY).

[JOIG342] Petronille de Joigny (born 1029, daughter of Geoffroi) married (1045) [BRI2341] Count Engelbert IV (see BRIENNE COUNTY).


[GENE391] Guillaume de Joinville, Seigneur de les Vaux.

[GENE401] Etienne de Vaux (born c.1020), Seigneur de Joinville & les Vaux. He married (1045) [BRI2342] Marie (daughter of [BRI2339] Engelbert III, see BRIENNE COUNTY). Marie died 1062.

[GENE411] Geoffroy I de Joinville, Seigneur de Joinville, Advocate of Blaise, married [REYN412] Blanche (daughter of Count Arnoul, see REYNEL COUNTY). He died January 1081.

[GENE421] Geoffroy II, Seigneur de Joinville, married (1080) [COUR352] Hodierne (daughter of Sire Joscelin II, see COURTENAY). He died 1130.

[GENE431] Roger, Seigneur de Joinville, married (1110) [VIGN432] Aldearde (daughter of Sire Guy III, see VIGNORY). He died 1130.

[GENE441] Geoffroy III, Seigneur de Joinville, Seneschal [Steward] de Champagne (1153), married (before 1141) [BRI2372] Felicite de Brienne (widow of Seigneur Simon de Broyes, and daughter of [BRI2361] Count Evrard I, see BRIENNE COUNTY). He went on the 2nd Crusade (1147), and died 1188. Afterwards, Felicite married 3. -- de Beaufort.

[GENE451] Geoffroy IV, Seigneur de Joinville, married [DAMP452] Helvide (daughter of Seigneur Guy I, see DAMPIERRE). He took part in the Siege of Acre (1190) during the 3rd Crusade, and died at Acre (August 1190).

[GENE461] Simon, Seigneur de Joinville, Seneschal de Champagne, married 1. (before 1209) Ermengarde de Monteler (daughter of Jean de Walcourt); then 2. (c.1215) [AUXO462] Beatrix (divorced wife of Sire Aimon de Faucigny, and daughter of [AUXO451] Count Etienne III, see AUXONNE COUNTY). Simon took part in the Campaign at Damietta, Egypt, (November 1219) and died May 1233. Beatrix died 20th March 1261.

[GENE471] Sir Geoffrey (born c.1226, son of Simon & Beatrix) married [LACY492] Maud (see LACY (2)). Geoffrey was Seigneur de Vaucouleurs in Champagne, feudal Lord of Ludlow (1252), and was created 1st Lord Geneville (1299). Maud died in Ireland (11th April 1303 [or 1304]), and Geoffrey died at Trim, Ireland, (24th October 1314). He left 3 sons: Geoffrey (died without issue), Piers (see next entry) and Simon.

[GENE481] Sir Piers (2nd but 1st surviving son & heir of Sir Geoffrey). Pier's elder brother Geoffrey died without issue (before October 1283), whereupon Piers acquired Ewyas Lacy and Ludlow Castle, and became in effect 2nd Lord Geneville. Piers married [LUSI432] Joan (see LUSIGNAN). Piers died (1292) leaving three daughters, all minors. His estates were therefore held for them by Piers' elderly father Sir Geoffrey. Joan died 1323.

[GENE492] Joan (born February 1286, eldest daughter & coheir of Sir Piers & Joan) married 1. Bernard-Ezy I d’Albret in Gascony; then 2. (before October 1306) [MRCH491] Earl Roger (see MARCH (MORTIMER) EARLDOM). On the death of her grandfather, Sir Geoffrey, Joan acquired Ludlow Castle. (Her two younger sisters, Beatrice and Maud, became nuns.)