Revised 25/01/2018


George Edward MAXEY                    Elizabeth BAXTER
Born 1855 at Poplar (MDX)              Born 1856 at Idle

Parents William/Sabina                 Parents Charles/Susannah

Married 8 May 1875 at Bradford, St Peter
Brick Maker of Briggate  Shipley; bride Worsted Spinner of Low Lane, Shipley
(George's father : labourer in brick yard; bride's father : engine tenter)

Witnesses Robert TAYLOR           -
          Sarah TAYLOR            -

Addresses :
1881    Idle, Windhill, 28 Cragg Road (general gateman)
1891                    4 Tenter Street (jam packer)
1901    Burnley, 7 Colbran Street (colliery labourer)
1911    Briercliffe, 119 Burnley Road (stocking knitting)

Children :
Susannah         b 1878 Windhill
Albert           b 1880 Windhill
Richard          b 1883 Windhill
Salome           b 1886 Windhill
Alfred           b 1889 Windhill
Elizabeth        b 1894 Burnley
1861 Census  2349  Harlaxton LIN
William C     Maxey   H   M 54 ag lab                    Osgodby
Sabina        Maxey   W   M 54                           Hemsby
George E      MAXEY   S   U  6 scholar                   Poplar, New Town LND
1871 Census  4276  Ripon, Park Street, The Dispensary  POSSIBLE CONNECTION
George        MACKSEY H   U 20 surgeon's assistant       London 
1881 Census  4479-7  Idle, Windhill, 28 Cragg Road
George        MAXEY   H   M 25 general gateman           Poplar, New Town LND
Elizabeth     MAXEY   W   M 24                           Windhill
Susannah      Maxey   D   -  2                           Windhill
Albert        Maxey   S   - 11m                          Windhill
1891 Census  3653-94  Idle, Windhill, 4 Tenter Street
George Edward MAXEY   H   M 35 packer of jam             Poplar LND
Elizabeth     MAXEY   W   M 33                           Idle
Susannah      Maxey   D   - 12 wstd spinner              Idle
Albert        Maxey   S   - 10 scholar                   Idle
Richard       Maxey   S   -  7 scholar                   Idle
Salone        Maxey   D   -  4                           Idle
Alfred        Maxey   S   -  2 scholar                   Idle
Samuel        Baxter  B/L S 19 dyer                      Esholt
1901 Census  3866-12 Burnley LAN, 7 Colbran Street
George Ed     MAXEY   H   M 46 colliery labourer         LND
Elizabeth     MAXEY   W   M 44                           Shipley YKS
Susannah      Maxey   D   S 22 cotton weaver             Shipley
Albert        Maxey   S   S 20 colliery clerk            Shipley
Richard       Maxey   S   - 17 cotton weaver             Shipley
Salome        Maxey   S   - 14 cotton weaver             Shipley
Alfred        Maxey   S   - 12 cotton weaver             Shipley 
Elizabeth     Maxey   D   -  7                           Burnley
1911 Census        Briercliffe (LAN), 119 Burnley Road
George Ed     MAXEY   H   M 55 stocking knitting         Poplar New Town LND
Elizabeth     MAXEY   W   M 53 assisting in the business Shipley YKS
Salome        Maxey   D   S 24 cotton weaver             Shipley 
Elizabeth     Maxey   D   S 17 cotton weaver             Burnley